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Letter to the editor: Simple solution could help bottlenecked area

Dwaine Heinrich inspired me today. Not as a candidate for mayor, although he may do that too once I get to know more about him and where he stands on issues. That has yet to play itself out. I was inspired by something he said in the story about his candidacy and that was the need for the people of Jamestown to be heard on the decisions made by their leaders.

I have watched with interest as city leaders have put before us rather grand - and expensive - plans for road and traffic-related projects in our community, and to be clear, this is not a letter of objection to either one. In fact, I believe they are both wonderful ideas that will help the community. What I am interested in, in the spirit of everyone being heard, is another traffic-related project that should be considered. I would like to say I have been inspired by noble community minded thought but in truth, I am inspired by personal impatience.

This morning, I attempted to make a simple trip to Walmart. I turned from the highway onto 25th Street Southwest, or should I say I attempted to turn but had a tough time as traffic was backed up from the four-way stop pretty much to the stoplight. I then inched forward painfully slowly as a small amount of traffic coming from the mall and 8th Avenue Southwest effectively completely backed up the far more voluminous traffic attempting to get to Menard’s, Walmart and the wonderful new road to the hospital. Not being a traffic expert, I am sure I am missing something here, but to me, taking the time - because that is really all it would take - to remove two stop signs would be a huge help with almost no expense. This would turn that intersection into a two-way, allowing the huge amount of traffic on the road to Walmart (which our wonderful growth in that area has inspired) the ability to flow freely, stopping the bottleneck at that major new point of congestion.

Again, I am for almost anything that helps our community grow and be strong. So I am not against anything, as such. Just for solutions - especially cheap ones - to all problems.