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Letter to the editor: Cramer favors creating business opportunities

The state Democrat attack machine was at it again when party surrogates criticized Rep. Kevin Cramer for hosting Tommy Fisher at President Trump’s State of the Union address. Cramer is all about jobs and creating opportunities for business. Why? Because he knows when a company is successful, it expands facilities, creating more sales and hiring more people to meet increasing demand. This, my friends, is how you create job growth and stimulate the economy. Fisher is president of Fisher Industries based in Dickinson and was one of six companies that developed a prototype of a U.S.-Mexico border wall. Fisher Industries does business in 12 states and has an amazing record of growth with over $500 million in annual sales. The company started in 1952 in southwestern North Dakota. Today the company is ranked as one of the top sand and gravel-producing companies in the U.S. It’s a true North Dakota success story. Democrat surrogates think Cramer’s selection was political. If honoring job creation and economic stimulation is political, so be it!