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Letter to the editor: Morton’s comments about college president troubling


State Board of Higher Education President Don Morton's public comments in Fargo on June 19 about North Dakota State College of Science President John Richman are very troubling. Morton called the claims against Richman a "Badge of Courage." Richman, who is currently being investigated by a private forensic investigative firm, hired by the SBHE to look into claims by NDSCS employees, former employees, alumni and citizens about Richman's conduct; ranging from fraud to bullying.

Morton previously went on what is known around higher education circles, as the John Richman apology tour … for the previously stupid comments Richman made about "anybody that does not have at least a 2-year degree is a ward of the state" and also made excuses for Richman's arrogant behavior toward the SBHE, when questions were asked by SBHE members about Richman's goals in Fargo. Morton told a Fargo TV talk show (Chris Berg show) that was just Richman's enthusiasm. Wow! Being rude toward your bosses/superiors is enthusiasm.