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Heidi's Illegal Immigration Record is a Disaster

Senator Heidi Heitkamps record on immigration is completely out of line with the good people of North Dakota. Heitkamp tries to appear moderate on the issue, but the Democrat is really no different from the open border extremists in her own party.

The Senator has opposed Republican efforts to crack down on so-called "sanctuary cities" that refuse to comply with federal immigration law. In 2016, she voted against a bill that would have denied federal taxpayer dollars to sanctuary cities a measure even fellow Democrat Senators such as Mike Donnelly and Joe Manchin agreed to support. There are nearly 500 cities in America that protect illegal immigrants from federal immigration law -- and these cities are able to defy the law thanks to Heitkamp and her Democrat colleagues.

In fact, Heitkamps policies would place American lives at risk. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, thousands of illegal immigrants commit new crimes once released from custody. Among the criminal aliens who were released instead of being turned over to ICE from 2014 to 2017, nearly 10,000 re-committed another crime. Former ICE director Thomas Homan said the recidivism rate for illegal immigrants is 75 percent.

We were once again shown the tragic consequences of our broken immigration system with the brutal murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts. Her alleged murderer, Cristhian Rivera, was in America for six years as an illegal immigrant.

Heitkamp would do nothing to protect our state from illegal aliens like Rivera. She even endorsed rewarding all illegal immigrants when she voted for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in 2013, an absolute mockery of the rule of law. The Senator doubled down on amnesty efforts earlier this year when she joined forces with Senator Jeff Flake to introduce a bill extending illegal immigrant DACA privileges for three years.

Democrats are increasingly rushing toward an open borders agenda. At least a dozen Democrats in Congress want an outright abolishment of ICE. Also, when the House of Representatives recently held a vote on a bill to express support for ICE and condemn calls to abolish the agency, 133 Democrats refused to vote on the measure and 34 outright opposed it.

Despite the Democrats resistance to common sense immigration reform, President Trump is making tremendous strides in protecting our country. The President has secured funding for border wall improvements and removed barriers to speed up the deportation process of violent gang members. He imposed a travel ban on countries who cant properly vet their people, and is employing more immigration judges to clear backlogs in our system.

President Trumps tough talk on immigration is one of the reasons he won our state by an overwhelming 36 percent. But the President needs more help in Congress to finish fixing our broken immigration system.

Senator Heitkamp will only block this effort, despite what she may say around election time. Shes been giving North Dakotans the runaround on immigration for far too long and the good people of our state can not afford to be let down any longer. Thats why we need Kevin Cramer in the Senate.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.