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Heidi Heitkamp's Illegal Immigration Agenda Betrays North Dakota

Heidi Heitkamps Illegal Immigration Agenda Betrays North Dakota

Senator Heitkamp has some serious explaining to do. Since the inception of sanctuary cities---which allow major metropolitan areas in our countries to ignore Federal Law and shield criminal illegal aliens (many of them felons)U.S. citizens have been victimized in several high profile instances.

Many can recall the firestorm surrounding the killing of Kate Steinle, in which a five-time felon and six-time deportee killed a young woman and was subsequently acquitted on a murder charge; or the tragic killing of Molly Tibbetts by an undocumented illegal immigrant announced Tuesday. These events would never have occurred if our border was secure and sanctuary cities followed Federal law.

We need to stand up for Americans who are being victimized by the democratic policies. Does she represent ND citizens or illegal aliens. Her votes have spoken and we are a nation of laws for a reason. We cannot allow our republic to be dismantled by the liberals.

Thankfully, Congressman Kevin Cramer is right on this issue. Hes voted for and co-sponsored legislation that would federally de-fund these cities until they respect the rule of law once again. Heidi Heitkamp disturbingly filibustered these bills in the Senate, not even allowing our upper chamber to hold a vote on this issue. I only ask her: why do the rights of criminal illegal aliens matter more to her than the lives of American citizens? Its a shameful record for our junior Senator and its one which requires her to be defeated this fall. Stand up for the victims and vote for Kevin Cramer to be our next United States Senator.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.