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Letter to the editor: Wanted: Leaders not looking for ways to spend tax dollars


Change all leaders and property tax laws. We need leaders who look for ways to save our tax dollars instead of ways to spend. Starting with the Road Diet on Main Street which is a waste. Jamestown used to have curb bumpouts. They were deleted on a major project in order to save time and money removing snow. It either doesn’t snow in Jamestown anymore or our leaders have tax money to waste.

Jamestown Public Schools should realize there’s a big difference between need and a wish list. If the school “needs” repair stop the waste and set priority. To mention a few: city land development, the $50,000 studies, loans and grants and look at all the monthly bills.

The county doesn’t need to raise taxes. They just raise property values. Tyler Perleberg, Stutsman County tax director, raised ag property 5 percent without explaining why. The state lowered land value 1 percent. A whole 80-some people voted for a new rural fire hall. They said they had to back their trucks out for training in the shop. I have to back mine out if I want a work area in the garage. It’s not that hard.

If all of this goes through, it will cost me over $2,000 over last year’s taxes. This is not in my retirement budget. Taxes seem to go up every two years as is.

Tax reform: If you can give business owners tax credits you should be able to help seniors stay in their homes. One option would be if you’re retired and your income is below a set level, your tax would be froze at the current rate. Reaccess at change of ownership. The amount invested in property should have some bearing on assessed value. I have a lot that is assessed 555 percent more than when I bought it. When you buy a Chevy, you don’t pay Cadillac taxes.

High tax makes people move out of the county or state. It doesn’t draw people in.

Renters, be prepared for a rent increase because your landlord is not going to empty his pockets for taxes.

You shouldn’t have to sell your property because you’ve been taxed out of it over the years.