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Letter to the editor: Football field cost not a good use of taxpayer money


I would like to ask the Jamestown Public School Board a question. Why do you think the tax-paying citizens of Jamestown need to come up with $7 million for a football field? Really? Do you think money grows on trees? I will tell you, IT DOES NOT! Why would you possibly think this is a good use of taxpayer money? Really, $7 million?

I would also like to know why you need the other $27 million? What have you done with the taxpayer money you already have? I am tired of being hosed by committees and councils that just think we the taxpayer will fall for whatever you come up with. I will tell you right now,  you will not get my vote. I would also like to see just exactly where you have spent all your money. Why are the schools in such bad repair? Where did the maintenance money go for these projects? Can you at least tell us that?