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Heitkamp's Op-Ed Reveals True Nature

I read with interest the agriculture op-ed on the farm bill that carried the views of Senator Heitkamp and Congressmen Cramer. My first thought was cant Senator Heitkamp do anything without being political and mean spirited. The winks and the hugs I see on her campaign ads become very meaningless and hollow when you read her political attacks on Congressman Cramer in the op-ed.

North Dakota is fortunate to have all three of our congressional delegation on the arm bill conference committee. It would be constructive if Senator Heitkamp approached the conference committee with a bipartisan attitude, but her comments in the op-ed indicate shes only interested in partisan politics. The fam bill is important to our North Dakotas agriculture businesses and farm families and much is at stake in the bill as well as in trade negotiations which need to end with positive results.

It was encouraging to see that Congressmen Cramers comments were positive and none political. He addressed issues. I hope Senator Heitkamp can set aside her partisan politics as farm bill negotiations start. But judging from her ads and comments in the newspaper op-ed, it looks like its not in Senator Heitkamps DNA. Its clear the nine million dollars that she received from east and west coast liberal interests is driving her campaign and that is unfortunate for North Dakota and our nation.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.