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Letter to the editor: Disappointing that Monday print edition is going away


I have subscribed to and read The Jamestown Sun in hard copy six days a week through my youth, young adult, middle age, senior adult and now at the age of 80. I am informed the Monday Jamestown Sun will only be available online (on computer).

I had the hard copy Jamestown Sun held at the Sun office over family vacations (to be read when I returned home). I had The Jamestown Sun sent to the company I worked for when my employment took me to distant locations for weeks, months or complete work seasons. I pretty much had the hard copy Jamestown Sun available to read all my life, at my leisure.

At the age of 80, I am told I will no longer get a hard copy Jamestown Sun on Monday.

I do not use a computer at home or away from home, I do not have a smartphone and without a hard copy Monday Sun, I will not have hands-on access to 52 newspapers a year. I will not be able to read the local happenings at my leisure. I’ve heard of no monetary consideration for the decrease of subscription value being extended.

Modern technology (for lack of a better reason) is robbing me of my senior citizen enjoyment. I have been reading the daily Jamestown Sun six days a week for over 63 years.

I know many, many other subscribers in my age category that will have the same problem!