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Letter to the editor: Here are more reasons why school measure shouldn’t pass


There have been some excellent points already made as to why the school bond levy measure should not pass. Here are some more. Property taxes are out of control.  

  1. I just received my property tax estimate and they will be up 7.58 percent on a $180,000 property valuation. This school bond measure would make it an increase of 19.2 percent. That increase stays for 20 years. Why do the public entities need 4-6 percent over the rate of inflation? Our City Council is raising my property taxes this year by 23 percent and is to blame for the higher taxes.
  2. I live in the Louis L’Amour grade school area. There are very few children in this area and as pointed out earlier, the access to this area is very limited. Do the parents on the east side really want to drive their children all the way over to the southwestern part of town each school day?
  3. The School Board and superintendent strongly supported the under-utilized Two Rivers Activity Center building, and now we need to spend $7 million on a football field/stadium (trust me-the present soccer field is just in the way, so it had to be included)? In five, six years, I would be surprised if Jamestown will even be able to field an 11-man football team. Parents are afraid of injuries and the younger generation “is simply not interested” in team sports.
  4. In the flyer sent home from school, there is a graph showing the “historical JPS impact of a $100,000 residential value” on property taxes. It was deceiving to include the amount the state started to pick up with oil revenue in 2014? Without that state payment, locally paid property taxes are rising too rapidly and would be projected well above historical levels if this bond levy passes.
  5. The needs, such as the new boiler at the middle school, windows, etc. should be paid for by the capital maintenance budget. In their flyer: What the heck are “Breakout/Maker spaces”? Why do we need more science spaces in the grade schools that go only up to the fifth grade here? They get more than enough science prior to middle school. The five-year study which was completed was misguided and another waste of our money.

Our property taxes are out of control at all levels, and without annual local budget control, it is very difficult to vote yes for a large, expensive, to be paid till I die, school bond measure.