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Trade war drives soybean prices down

This is a response to the letter by Ken Hall from Aug. 13 titled “Assistance program for farmers is not a ‘bribe’.

The rationalizations and excuses from the Trump apologists for this stupid trade war are amazing. Hall said that “farm prices have been in the tank for going on the third year,” and that “No one really knows how much of the current price slump is due to tariffs and how much is due to oversupply.” This is completely bogus. Just about everyone knows by now that this trade war has already resulted in a major drop in soybean prices. This isn’t rocket science - you slap tariffs on a trade partner, and they retaliate by not purchasing our soybeans which in turn drives the price down.

Furthermore, if the $12 billion government handout is about providing relief for low commodity prices over the past few years, then why didn’t the “stable genius” Trump and his Republican Congress provide this relief in early 2017 after Trump was sworn in rather than waiting until just before the midterm election?

The irony in all of this is that these bad trade agreements that Trump is supposedly fixing were started by free trade globalist Republicans like Ronald Reagan and some sellout Democrats. And “leftists” like Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., who were against these trade deals were called “protectionists,” “isolationists” and “anti-capitalists” by these same Republicans who now expect credit for fixing a problem they created. Unfortunately, they have put all all their faith in a reckless, irrational president who doesn’t believe in weighing the options or considering the consequences of his reckless policities.

Hall said that “Conservative principles call for the rational involvement of government in areas where the national interest is at stake.” In other words, they hate socialism and government handouts except for when they don’t (like when it benefits them).

Finally, Hall repeated the familiar lie that “President Obama put millions more people on food stamps.” Baloney! More people qualified for food stamps because of the Great Recession that Obama inherited from Republicans. This is yet another example of Republicans creating  problem and then blaming Democrats for the results.