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Cramer is All About Cramer

This letter is a shout out to North Dakota's Republican Party faithful. I want to take this opportunity to remind you of something that happened six short years ago, at the 2012 State Republican Convention in Bismarck. Kevin Cramer, who now craves one of North Dakota's two seats in the U.S. Senate, made a decision several months prior to that convention, to bypass the party organization and challenge your nominee for North Dakota's lone seat in the U.S. House, in the primary election.

At that time, there were five individuals vying for the House nomination, with the ultimate winner of the party's endorsement being Brian Kalk, a capable and competent man who was a sitting member of the North Dakota Public Service Commission. Instead of respecting the traditional process for choosing the party's nominees for political office, Kevin Cramer, thumbed his nose at you and ran against your endorsed candidate. Over time Cramer's name had become better known than Kalk's, due largely to His stints as State Tourism Director and Public Service Commissioner, and his several unsuccessful runs for public office. Brian Kalk, despite being an excellent candidate, was lesser known. This allowed Cramer to beat Kalk in the primary election, and ultimately win the general election in November.

According to my Republican friends and family members, Cramer was never well liked or respected by many of the rank-and-file G.O.P. faithful, in part because of his overwhelming personal ambition, arrogance, and audacity, coated with an air of piousness. Cramer knew he would probably not get the nomination through the regular process at the 2012 State Convention. Many of these rank-and-file Republicans were furious with Cramer over his willingness to do whatever it took to get elected, even if it meant defying the will of his own party. Now in 2018, is all forgiven and forgotten?

Remember also that Cramer has hitched his star 100% to the "Trump wagon". He has repeatedly made it clear that he will support EVERYTHING Donald Trump does, including endangering our hard-fought-for agricultural markets with unwinnable trade wars, making adversaries out of our allies, and cozying up to a dictator whose goal is to destroy our very republic and democratic system. Cramer also supported Trump's multiple efforts to repeal the ACA, which would have cost 20,000 North Dakotans their health care coverage, removed protections for pre-existing conditions, and changed Medicaid into a block grant system that would have been disastrous for North Dakota health care facilities. Cramer says Trump knows what he's doing. He counts on you and all of us to blindly support Trump, and by association, blindly support him. North Dakotans are smarter than that. Cramer's history shows that he will do anything that profits and advances his own career. We need a senator that can think for him or herself, and, regardless of which party, speak up against policies that are bad for North Dakota.

Kevin Cramer is an opportunist. You know it. Dear Republican friends, think long and hard about this before you vote in November.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.