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Heitkamp Disconnected on Healthcare

Last week I read coverage of a press conference held by North Dakota Republican leaders. The topic was Obamacare and how its anything but affordable. They pushed back against the national Democrat-generated claims that Republicans dont support coverage for pre-existing conditions. This simply is not true and is election season demagoguery at its peak.

This event told me our North Dakota leaders, working at the direction of the people that elected them, are doing what we pay them for: Representing the interests of the majority in the state. Majority? Yes. Thats how Lt. Gov. Sanford, Insurance Commissioner Godfread, Attorney General Stenehjem, State Senator Kelly Armstrong, and Congressman Cramer got into office, right? The majority of us voted to put them there.

They told us what the people have been telling them: Obamacare is not affordable and coverage of pre-existing conditions has always been, and will always be part of coverage options here in the state. Then, we heard the lone voice of Sen. Heitkamp speaking against these key state officials and the people that voted for them. Our Democrat Senator is actively working to keep this failed plan in place following the messaging developed by her liberal national party leaders. These are talking points now used by every major Democrat candidate in the nation. There is no other greater example of how totally disconnected she is. I saw her billboard along I-94. It said, Heidi for North Dakota....I dont think so.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.