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Heitkamp's Bold-Faced Lies on Cramer Campaign Funds

The Heitkamp smear-machine is back in action and accelerating with a particularly dubious lie about Congressman Cramers use of campaign funds. Lets be perfectly clear: Heidi Heitkamp uses campaign funds to travel around our state, as do all statewide candidates. There is simply nothing unusual or wrong about this, despite what shed have you believe. Additionally, Congressman Cramer only used campaign funds earmarked for these purposes. Any insinuation that he utilized federal funds is an outright lie, and Senator Heitkamp knows that.

Furthermore, its frankly ridiculous that she is criticizing Congressman Cramer for employing his wife Kris as his campaign manager from 2012 through 2016. Shes led a successful campaign every cycle and is one of the most accomplished political strategists in the state. Besides, who wouldnt trust their wife who possesses a high degree of political and education background to undertake this task? Guess what, Heidi Heitkamp hires a campaign manager every election year as well. Its time she stops attacking Kevin Cramer for the same things she does every election year. Its just petty politics---and North Dakotans deserve better.

Stan Stein

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.