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Cramer's ad Highlights Respect for Life & Family

Representative Cramers newest campaign ad featuring his daughters strongly reflects his demonstrable commitment to protecting the lives of our unborn. Cramer has never wavered in his mission to do so and his voting record proves it. Abortion remains a heavily polarizing issue in this country and our state, but there seems to be a genuine consensus on late-term abortion being detestable and abhorrent. Kevin Cramer agrees, which is why I was heartened to see that he voted to ban abortion after the pain-capable five month threshold. That's what this ad reminded us all about, from the perspective of two young mothers and one who happens to be expecting. I care deeply about the right to life. With Kevin Cramer in the United States Senate, I know protecting life will be priority and we will have a Senator who respects its sanctity. Unfortunately, we dont have that right now. Its time to change that.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.