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A Nasty and Negative Heitkamp Emerges

With Labor Day behind us, we have turned the corner toward Election Day and, unfortunately, we are seeing the real candidates emerge. As a student of campaigning, I've watched the candidates for Senate position themselves and can't help but notice how Sen. Heitkamp has turned negative and nasty. I shouldn't be surprised since this is exactly what she did to Rick Berg in the 2012 election. With her abysmal record voting against North Dakotan's interest in DC, all she has left is character assignation. Her attacks on Kevin Cramer are absurd. If you know Kevin you will understand he's a man of integrity and you'll quickly write off these attacks as a desperate move by a failing candidate. This latest move is so very obvious, I actually feel sorry for her.

Col. William Ziegler (USAF Ret.)

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.