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Political Endorsement

After 12 years of the same administration we now have a choice of who will lead our law enforcement in these turbulent times. We need a leader who is diversified and experience, someone with the drive and initiative to make the necessary course corrections to ensure the safety of our schools and neighborhoods. We need a leader with new ideas, integrity, and accountability. A person who will challenge the status quo to make schools safe again. We need an individual with a proven track record for inspiring people to work together, reaching out to the communities and getting them involved. A leader that sees law enforcement as the guardians of our communities rather than warriors. When I researched my options for Washington County Sheriff one candidate exemplified these traits. I'm supporting Paul Hoppe for Sheriff because he is a proven leader who takes action and gets results. Paul Hoppe is the right person to get Washington County Sheriff's Office on the track for the future.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.