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Letter to the editor: Boulders pose a hazard for vehicles in parking area


I have some concerns about the parking/access area just north of the North Dakota Game and Fish office and just south of marina bay. It is a popular spot for people to launch kayaks and Jet Skis and to fish during the summer. It is one of the more popular lake access points in the winter. I do understand that it is not a maintained area and I am not looking for a paved parking lot. I am concerned about the 600-pound boulders sticking a foot out of the ground in the middle of the parking lot, however. It would be very easy to lose an oil pan on a vehicle driving over those. Cover them with an inch of snow (which is coming soon) and they are impossible to see. The Stutsman County Park Board wonders why so many vehicles drive off road in that area, and they have to put up signs every year? It is because people have less chance of hitting a big rock in the middle of unkept prairie than they do in the parking lot area.

I get it - it’s not in the budget to maintain that parking lot - but realistically how much would it cost to have one guy on a bobcat go down there and dig out those rocks? 1/2-hour job - maybe an hour if things don’t go well. I think that is a worthwhile project. Ask the first person to lose an oil pan on one of those rocks if he or she thinks the project would have been worthwhile or not. I think it is just sad the way that area is now. I say if they don’t want to maintain it any better than that, barricade it off completely. At least save someone from wrecking his or her vehicle on a rock that no sane person would expect to be in the middle of the parking lot.