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Cramer policies in line with Trump

Cramer policies in line with Trump

The race for the US Senate should be about what policies are best for the people of North Dakota and for America. Too often campaigns get lost in identity politics, name-calling, dirty tricks and personalities. Cramer and Heitkamp have been public servants for decades, for which we should be grateful. Public service is difficult---with anonymous name-calling and threats on social media---and a willingness by some to do all things necessary to win. We are better than that.

I support Cramer because his values are aligned with the Presidents pro-growth policies. President Trump has worked to undo eight years of harmful policies from President Obama and to grow our economy. His policies are working: GDP is up, stock-market is up, unemployment is down (to historical lows in many sectors), private investment and consumer confidence are up. America is now the largest oil producer in the world. These are huge---economic changes. Trumps tax cut was a driving force behind this recovery. Cramer supported it. Heitkamp did not---even after she flew with the President to Mandan and he publicly asked for her support. No senate democrat voted for it. But, tax cuts work. Coolidge did it---revenues grew by 35%, GDP increased by 4%; Johnson did it---revenues grew by 75%, GDP grew by 1.4%; Reagan did it---revenues grew by 70% and GDP grew by 2.6%. (Now we need to get spending under control).

Cramer is in line with Trump and supports policies that reduce the size and reach of government, rolling back federal regulations that stifle our economy and helping people KEEP more of what they earn. Ive been surprised and disappointed by Heitkamps performance in the senate, from DAPL, sanctuary cities, abortion, support of the Iranian deal, Obamacare and Trumps tax bill. Its time for Heidi to come home. Cramers policies will be better for North Dakota and America.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.