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District 29 Needs To Send New Legislators to Bismarck

In the Jamestown Sun the Republican legislative candidates from District 29 have an ad telling us they have $11,835,800 to bring to the district for infrastructure. That sounds good, but given that this is being proposed just before an election, it looks like yet another bribe to get votes at the taxpayers expense, similar to the $12 billion trade war bribe to farmers. And I really have to wonder how all this money suddenly turned up after the past few years of massive state budget cuts and being told repeatedly there is no money for anything.

These politicians tout themselves as "experienced leaders". Sorry, but their experienced leadership of budget butchery and tax cuts for oil companies caused the shutdown of a number of small DOT shops that has resulted in a lack of snow removal and maintenance on rural highways. That same experienced leadership of reducing state funding for local communities resulted in yet another increase in property taxes right here in Jamestown that they now say they are going to fix with this $11.8 million dollar bribe. This is classic Republicanism - create problems, and then expect credit for fixing what they caused in the first place.

One other point about this taxpayer funded bribe. Isnt the act of taking other peoples money (ND taxpayers) and redistributing it to one specific group of people (District 29) known as "socialism"? Doesnt that encourage laziness and a sense of entitlement? Isnt this what these hypocrites always run on and win elections on? Or is it now ok to be a socialist as long as you have an "R" behind your name?

The North Dakota legislature needs new legislators who put their constituents above political ideology. District 29 has a great slate of Democratic-NPL candidates that are working hard to earn your vote - Katherine Roth, Mary Schlosser, and Lori Carlson.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.