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Kevin Cramer Supports Strengthening Our Economy

Kevin Cramer for Senate recently launched a new ad campaign demonstrating his support for a stronger economy and his success on advancing a pro-jobs agenda. As someone who cares most about jobs and the economy, Im proud to support Kevins Senate campaign. When North Dakota elected Kevin, we knew he would help make America a place where businesses could create good jobs for our workers. Thats part of the American dream, and its what makes our country great. When in Congress, Kevin voted for lower taxes for all North Dakotans, and helped President Trump repeal harmful regulations that put our jobs at risk. These efforts have already paid off. North Dakota has benefited the most of President Trumps tax cuts, and our economy is continuing to grow every day. I know when he's in the Senate, hell continue to fight to make sure our country's economy stays on track.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.