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Treat Marijuana the Same as Alcohol

It is nave for the opposition to believe that only "unproductive members of society" use marijuana recreationally. Individuals across all income and household demographics are responsibly using marijuana, no differently than individuals who drink responsibly.

Regarding responsibility, there is a lot fear behind possession limits. Adults 21 and over are not subject to alcohol possession limits. Adults are allowed to purchase as much alcohol as they want and as often as they want. For those who make the dangerous decision of drinking and driving, driving under the influence of marijuana would be treated in the same manner. Measure 3 does not condone impaired driving of any sort.

Why is there the assumption that legalizing adult-use marijuana would result in the demise of responsible parenting? The vast majority of adults who have children are responsible parents who discuss the dangers of underage drinking and punish their children for doing so. Just like minors who are prosecuted when caught with alcohol, those under the age of 21 would be prosecuted for using marijuana. Measure 3 actually strengthens penalties for minors, and those that sell to minors.

Understandably, there are concerns over very young children getting into marijuana products such as edibles. Has it been forgotten that there are dozens of alcoholic beverages that look enticing to kids? We trust that parents are already making the decision to keep those products away from the hands of their young children.

The reality is, the vast majority of adults make good choices in regards to alcohol and its time treat marijuana in the same manner. Please join me on voting vote Yes on Measure 3, Tuesday Nov 6th.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.