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What if Hillary had won?

In 2016, Senator Heitkamp said "Hillary will make the greatest President"? That comment suggests that, at least in principle, she is supportive of Mrs. Clintons agenda. When considering which senatorial candidate to choose, we must bear in mind the probable effect of a Heitkamp/Clinton agenda in ND. Heres a short list of probable outcomes:

1. We could have as many as three new "living-constitution" justices on the Supreme Court and they would certainly have novel judicial interpretations of the first and second amendments. Makes one wonder about abortion, gun control, voter registration, social media free speech, et al.

2. After fracking was discontinued, the ND Oil Patch would be history.

3. The Oil Pipeline would still be unfinished, but then it would be irrelevant because of the oil patchs decline. It follows that North Dakota would be taking a big hit on oil tax revenue. We would still be an oil importer and $5 gallon gasoline would be the norm.

4. Coal plants in ND would be moving toward extinction and the cost of electricity would be skyrocketing. We are told we must conserve and embrace solar and wind.

5. Instead of improving the US military, we would see significant defense cuts that would put our country, including putting the Minot and Grand Forks AFBs at risk.

6. Iran would have coerced more cashed-filled airplanes from our treasury. Those dollars and those gained from lifted embargos would be used to export terrorism and hatred.

7. North Korea would be either: a) launching missiles capable of hitting the U.S.; or, b) extorting cash and goods from a terrified Democratic administration.

8. Business and high-income taxes that "level the playing field," would have made job growth unlikely. The Obama/Clinton/Heitkamp zero-growth philosophy would have been a disaster for young people seeking their first job, and experienced workers seeking a real wage increase.

9. We would still have NAFTA, instead of a new, more favorable, treaty with Canada and Mexico.

10. We would be on our way to "single payer" medical, aka socialized medicine, thus destroying the worlds finest medical system.

11. The Clinton administration would continue to ignore (or selectively enforce) federal Immigration laws. We would see a flood of immigrants (and illegal drugs) coming into the country.

12. We would still have all of the job-killing regulations adopted by the Obama Administration

13. ...and the list could go on. remember that Senator Heitkamp said "Hillary will make the greatest President." Really, I dont think so! If Mrs. Clinton and Senator Heitkamp succeeded, North Dakota and the United States would be less safe, less prosperous, and less free.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.