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Not Pro-Pot, But YES on Measure 3

Why would a former GOP legislator, a flaming conservative and a Trump convention delegate from Maryland be campaigning in North Dakota for Measure 3 legalizing marijuana? Strangely, not because I am pro-marijuana, or even because I think its safer than alcohol. Its because getting caught with marijuana is way more harmful than actually using it.

Voting FOR Measure 3 doesnt mean you are FOR marijuana. It just means you dont think the current penalty is commensurate with the crime. Marijuana stays in your system for about a month, but a marijuana arrest stays on your record for a lifetime. Running a red light is considerably more dangerous than using marijuana. Running red lights can get you killed. Marijuana has never killed anyone. But for one you get a mere ticket and the other you get an economic death sentence. I dont want our kids to use marijuana, but more importantly, I dont want them to get caught using it. I want our kids to leave the nest and be productive, tax-paying members of society. That becomes impossible if they get arrested, cant pass a simple background check, secure employment or rent an apartment. Voting NO on Measure 3 wont stop your kids from using marijuana, but it will stop them from moving out of your house.

If you think we are winning the drug war you might want to vote NO on Measure 3. But if you think the drug war and the billions we have spent waging war against our own children has been a failure, then vote YES on 3. This race has national implications. Winning in a ruby-red, conservative, Trump state like North Dakota will do to end the drug war what Walter Cronkite did to end the Vietnam War. Be the first domino to fall North Dakota. Vote YES on Measure 3.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.