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Tax cuts working for North Dakota

As Election Day approaches, I keep seeing good news coming thanks to the Republican-passed tax cut bill. These tax cuts have been so good for our state. I am so appreciative of Kevin Cramers vote to support these tax cuts. This pro-business approach is just what we need in Washington. This week, I was honored by an article in the National Association of Manufacturers highlighting our company Baker Boy, a wholesale baked goods manufacturer, as a company who took these tax cuts and used them to expand, improving the lives of our employees and offering a new product line to our customers. We found these credits saved our business considerable money. We chose to take those savings and will reinvest millions into our company over the next few years. This means new automation equipment for our factory, more employees, and salary increases for those employees. That's a great thing for our state, and I would expect other businesses to make similar decisions. We need to support pro-growth senators and thats why I recommend casting your vote for Kevin Cramer.

Guy Moos

President, Baker Boy

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.