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Why not just split the country in two

The left has been coming unglued since the Trump election.
We've all seen it. The violence, the vandalism, the incivility, the rifle toting madman gunning down Republican softball players, the mobs harassing people in restaurants, the Kavanaugh fiasco, I could go on. And now, we have the van driving non-bomber, who may or may not be a right-winger.
Why do I say that? Firstly, I wouldn't put anything past the Democrats a week before an election. Secondly, the imminent invasion of third worlders from Central America isn't playing well in Peoria.The Dems desperately want to get that story out of the news. As an added bonus, their buddies in the media can continue to beat on President Trump, blame the van bomber on him. But regardless of whether the van bomber is a Republican or not, it's safe to say plenty of right-wingers, millions probably, are getting fed up with the antics of the left.What happens if the right, collectively, decides it’s had enough? It could get ugly. Real ugly. We're talking full on civil war.There's one way to prevent this potential violence while saving half the country from the left. Separate the combatants. Split the country in two. It sounds crazy, yes, but look at the big picture.Geographically, the left has already taken control of, and ruined, most American cities, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, West Coast and significant portions of the Midwest. Culturally, the left has taken control of, and ruined, the public schools, higher education, the federal courts, the news media, the entertainment industry, and has our health care in its crosshairs. The left also has thousands of moles happily ensconced in the federal bureaucracy. And if you think the left will leave the rest of the country, like us in North Dakota, alone, you're kidding yourself. Like a cancer, the scourge known as liberalism/progressivism will not stop until it has ruined the entire country with its idiotic policies. It’s true, the logistics would be a nightmare, but in the long run, everyone will be happier. Give the left the eastern seaboard from Virginia north, the southern halves of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, the northern half of Illinois and the West Coast. The right gets the rest. Folks who want to move will get one shot at having the government subsidize the cost. A fantasy? Probably. But the idea has plenty of merit.