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Where will money come from for drone infrastructure?

I'm confused by Gov. Doug Burgum's $30 million drone infrastructure project. While I don't necessarily think it is inherently a bad idea on principle, I just don't understand where this money is supposed to come from.

We have not freed up $30 million through so-called efficiencies. Instead, we have decimated our public sector budget because of the gradual effects of years of irresponsible tax cuts for corporations. Don't be fooled by claims that commodities prices explain all of our woes. All of our state agencies are embarrassingly underfunded because of choices past leaders have made.

When our leaders deliberately choose to fail to collect adequate tax revenue, the Human Services budget and funding for mental health services are often among the first to be cut. These cuts have meant that my family has been denied access to affordable respite care, something that is a necessity for us given my child’s conditions. When you have a child with disabilities you rely on services such as respite care to be able to participate in the economy and bring income home to your family. Those who have no disabled dependents, including many of our state leaders, may not understand how important these resources are for families like mine. Indeed, the absences of such services have a severe effect on families like mine.

As a public educator and parent of a child with disabilities, I don't want a drone infrastructure if it means more cuts to families with disabilities. I also don’t want a drone infrastructure if it means  K-12 and higher education could be further devastated, all aspects of public health could be further threatened, and the collection of corporate taxes could be further undermined.