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Letter to the Editor: Omdahl should have told ‘the rest of the story’

I enjoy reading Lloyd Omdahl’s articles, but I find the latest one a little  misleading. He fails to give the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say.

First of all, let's dispel the notion that the ethics measure was a  groundswell of primarily North Dakotans looking to better the state. The measure was paid for and written by out of state liberals many from Hollywood. Signatures were gathered by paid workers, not volunteers.

This is not what was intended by referral laws in North Dakota. This is outside interests coming in and influencing the way we run our state.

Is the general populace as informed as our Legislature? I think not.  While some are, many do not have the time to study the issues and inform  themselves of the facts. Had all or even most citizens known the facts before they voted, I doubt this poorly written, costly and government

expanding law would have passed. I strongly support the Legislature in its efforts to write the law so that it is not such a burden to the  state.

Let's face facts here. This is a bill that is written for the express purpose of giving power to those who cannot achieve it through the ballot box. We have no serious ethical problems here in North Dakota that need to be solved. We already had an ethics commission. This law

only serves to make it harder for ordinary citizens to testify in front  of the Legislature and seeks to punish or falsely accuse people for political gain. If you followed the hearings for the appointment of  Judge Brett Kavanaugh, you can see what I mean.

I also support the North Dakota Legislature in its attempt to make it harder to amend the North Dakota Constitution through initiated measures. This was a perfect  example of a measure that sounded good on the surface, but if you actually dug into it you would have found that it carried with it a lot more government red tape and cost that is unnecessary.