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Letter to the editor: Disappointing that Hindu prayer heard at Legislature


I was very disappointed to read in the April 2 edition of The Jamestown Sun that the North Dakota legislative leadership had decided to allow a Hindu prayer that was heard on April 1 (House) and on April 2 (Senate).

Since the founding of the state, legislative sessions have mostly started with Christian prayers.

One way to look at this is that over the period of time North Dakota hs been a state, the Lord has blessed us in many ways especially in the recent past.

There have been no major droughts for a long time, crops have overall been good and the North Dakota economy has done very well … especially after we figured out economical ways to get oil (that the Lord also provided) out of the ground. North Dakota has not experienced the severe consequence of the past recessions. Everyone knows North Dakota is a great place to live. We have had excellent leadership. It has been that way a long time.

When comparing us to most states one could use that common but rapidly becoming a politically incorrect statement:

“The Lord has honored all those legislative opening Christian prayers over the years and has blessed our state.”

Some have said that the First Amendment allows for different “religions” to give different prayers due to freedom of religion. Can you belive that the Founding Fathers would have agreed that a Hindu or Muslim or New Age prayer would have been appropriate or meaningful?

The Hindu religion is recognized by the World Council of Religions. They strongly believe in reincarnation. Hindus are persecuting Christians in India. The World Council of Religions is on record for condemning many Christian practices and beliefs - beliefs practiced by many people in North Dakota.

The World Council of Religions recognizes Wiccan as a legitimate religion. Wiccan is a “religion” made up of witches! They have organizations in North Dakota. Are they going to be allowed to give the opening prayer at the North Dakota Legislature?

Recently a freshman legislator in Pennsylvania gave an open session Christian prayer. She was ripped to pieces the next day … and true to form an Islamic prayer was allowed the next day. Is this where we in North Dakota are headed?

If we are going to become a Hindu nation or Islamic nation or a Wiccan nation in the future we are in big trouble. We are a Christian nation (so far) and God has blessed us for that recognition. If we abandon that look out.