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Letter to the editor: Prejudice is prejudice


I was raised Catholic. I went to a parochial school and can remember the priests and nuns teaching us that our religion was the only "true" religion.

When the Catholic school shut its doors, all of us kids were transferred to the public school. On the first day at our new school, my excitement came crashing down when a girl made negative comments about the Catholic kids. She did not want us there. All these years later, I can still remember how hurt and confused I was. It was my first experience with religious prejudice.

In the weekly show “The Story of God” with Morgan Freeman, Freeman travels the world to give viewers a look at different religions. It is really interesting.

Though many of us might find some of the ideas expressed strange, it seems to me that most religions tell us to do the same thing, to live our lives with love and compassion.

When I read the letters in the Fargo and Jamestown newspapers by David Wells and Tom Tracy about their concerns with the North Dakota Legislature allowing an Hindu prayer to be said, the hurt from that long ago day came back to me.

I think we get so bombarded with the news of religious extremism and the horrible acts that go with that idealism, that we become jaded and forget what the Bible tells us. It says to love our neighbor, Mark 12:31. It does not say love your neighbor only if he is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc.

The prejudice expressed in those letters to the editor is no different than the prejudice felt by terrorists. Prejudice is prejudice. It does not matter whose mouth it spews from.