Roaming Buffalo Family Campers & RVers Club members received three national recognitions during awards ceremonies at the annual National Campvention July 8-14 in Doswell, Va. The awards included one of two national conservation program awards, an award in the site decoration contest and a national pet parade award.

In presenting the 2018 Best Chapter Conservation Project Award, National Conservation Director Mary Lehnerd of Cabot, Pa., cited the well-received conservation program the Roaming Buffalo had scheduled for the 2018 State Campvention it hosted at Ashley in early June. Scheduled by State Campvention 2018 Co-Chair Sherry McGuire, guest speaker Kristi Ebel of Ebel Organic Farm detailed the requirements to be designated a USDA-certified organic farm as well as the health benefits of eating organically grown foods during her 90-minute-long presentation.

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Roaming Buffalo Deb Kapp received the award for the "best overall site" in the 2018 site decorating contest, this year, acknowledging Doswell as the home of thoroughbred Triple Crown racing legend Secretariat. In the execution of the horse theme, Kapp's prize was a stuffed toy horse filled with a roll of silver dollars, donated by contest sponsor Geneseo Campground of Illinois.

One of Ted and Deb Kapp's two teacup poodles, Ladie, was recognized as the smallest dog entered into the 2018 national pet parade.