An 18-year contest between a husband and wife has led to thousands of dollars in cash and supplies for the James River Humane Society.

On Thursday, Heather Tomlin-Rohr brought her Louis L'Amour Elementary School kindergarten class there to drop off pet supplies, some of them made in classes, along with cash that was raised by the students. The amount was enhanced by donations from AgCountry Farm Credit Services, where her husband, Jason Rohr, is a senior insurance specialist.

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"AgCountry raised $175 and 198 (pet) items and Louis L'Amour raised $730 and 370 items," Tomlin-Rohr said. "That is a grand total of $905 and 568 items."

Jason Rohr said the contest started when he was teaching a small pet care course at the James Valley Career and Technology Center.

"So at that time it was Rohr versus Rohr and school versus school," he said. "When I started at AgCountry Farm Credit Services in 2008, we thought, 'why not continue the project?'"

Eleven years later the contest is still going strong, he said. His goal is for the employees to actually win the contest some day.

"The Louis L'Amour kids always win," said Kris Meidinger, dog manager at James River Humane Society. "Every year they bring a lot of great donations and they are appreciated."

This year, the contest provided several plastic pools, she said. The dogs love to use the pools in the hot summer but they also like to chew them up, she said.

The contest also provides cash donations which is also a great help, she said.

Tomlin-Rohr said the kindergarten, first and second grade classes at Louis L'Amour chose to make dog and cat toys for Innovation Week. The students made several items including a claw scratcher made out of twine and cardboard.