When driving to and from veterinarian calls, Kensal resident and vet Sarah Davis had to find creative ways to fill the silence.

"I do a lot of driving for my job and to be quite honest I get tired of listening to the radio sometimes," Davis said. "So I will just shut it off and drive in silence. This was an idea that formed and slowly built and I decided to write it down."

Davis had her first book "Inside Voices" published on June 23. The book follows a young girl, Penny Osborn, who after a school shooting and losing her father on the same day, deals with the survivor's guilt. The book is classified as a young adult psychic thriller with some paranormal elements and a murder mystery. The book is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Davis said writing the story only took her a couple of months but added that the fine-tuning and editing process took almost six years to complete.

"It's never going to get done until you take that step forward," Davis said. "Some people tell me 'I want to write a story but I just don't have the time.' I haven't had a lot of time to put into it either - sometimes you just have to make the time.

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"I think the two key things are: You have to write and then you've got to hire a professional editor because you need that outside set of eyes to go through 300 pages."

Davis hired a professional editor through Reedsy, a European editing company, but not everyone who helped out with the book was on the payroll.

"She's my unpaid PR manager," Davidson said of her younger sister Anna Johnson. "She's just generated a lot of ideas for promotion, kind of being a sounding board for when I needed somebody else's thoughts. I am really thankful for her help."

After generating ideas, writing them down and editing the book, the next step was getting it out to the readers.

"I was initially going to self-publish and then I actually got snagged by an indie publishing company called Darkstroke Books," Davis said. "They're a pretty young company - mine is the 83rd book that they have published. It's very exciting ... I feel very blessed that we've found each other if you will."

Darkstroke Books, a French-based company, picked up Davis' manuscript in March as it was still being edited by the professionals at Reedsy. On June 23, "Inside Voices" was available for purchase on Amazon. The book is available in e-book and print formats. More information about Davis and Inside Voices can be found on Davis' blog www.sarahdavisauthor.com or on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

After nearly two months of being a published writer, Davis is ready for her next book to hit the public sphere.

"I am actually working on a sequel - I said I would never write a sequel and I am writing a sequel," Davis said. "I (also) have another book I am working on that is completely different. I like just coming up with different scenarios - putting a character in a specific situation and seeing what they will do."