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Country singer Blind Joe pushes anti-mask anthem, 'I Will Not Comply'

Blind Joe gained national attention as a 2015 contestant on "The Voice," and he's now promoting a song on social media.

Former Fargoan Blind Joe. Forum file photo
Forum Communications Co.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Country singer Blind Joe is gaining some fans with his new single, “I Will Not Comply.”

A video of him performing the anti-mask anthem was posted to YouTube in February, where it has received more than 63,000 views. Recently he has been posting clips to other streaming platforms and talking it up on his social media accounts.

Responses have been positive, with viewers in Australia and Europe applauding.

The singer and guitarist, born Joe Bommersbach, is a 2000 graduate of Fargo North High School. He first garnered national attention in 2015 when he was a contestant on “The Voice.” He moved to Nashville in 2019.


In the song he sings:

“Quit tryin' ta take me to task cuz I don't wanna wear a mask

"Or take a vaccine that could maybe make me die

"They've got no scientific evidence to back that crap up

"All they do is feed us lie after lie

"That's why I will not comply.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , “Wearing masks can help communities slow the spread of COVID-19 when worn consistently and correctly by a majority of people in public settings and when masks are used along with other preventive measures, including social distancing, frequent handwashing and cleaning and disinfecting.”


In March 2020, Blind Joe posted a video to YouTube for a song, “We Won’t Catch Corona,” encouraging people to stay home and “play on your phones” to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

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