Jamie Stoudt signing books in Jamestown on Nov. 27

The author is working on his fourth book at this time.

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Jamie Stoudt has been busy this year. The Stillwater, Minnesota, resident who grew up in Jamestown published three novels in 2021 and is working on his fourth.

During his lifetime, Stoudt has owned and managed a Ford dealership, worked as director of client services for a technology company and been a licensed contractor.

“In business, I’ve been writing radio and TV commercials for 45 years and some short stories,” he said.

But Stoudt said in recent years, he went through a “life-changing event,” wanting to leave it at that. That resulted in him deciding to do only want he wanted to do and that was to write.

Stoudt, 67, said he’s been writing “forever” but began earnestly writing novels in the last few years.


But the bug to write novels began further back than that. He said what became his second novel published this year, “Don’t Get Caught,” began as a true crime novel but he thought it was so terrible he shelved it for almost 15 years.

Fast forward to 2019 and a friend of his read the work, saying, “Hey, this is good,” and suggested he make the story fiction and funny, making up some things instead.

“So I used that outline without changing a word but fictionalized it and made it funny … and that became ‘Don’t Get Caught,’” Stoudt said.

Stoudt’s first novel is “Back Again” and has been out since January.

“That’s about a 60-year-old lady who dies of a heart attack and three years (later) her husband is coming out of work and she’s leaning on his car looking for a ride home. The best I can call it is a ‘what if,’” Stroud said. “They have a variety of adventures. It’s kind of touching, it’s a little bit deep, but it’s also funny.”

His third novel, “Donna Carlascio,” is a sequel to “Don’t’ Get Caught” but “Don’t Get Caught” doesn’t need to be read first to understand it, Stoudt said.

Stoudt said all three books are character based.

“‘Don’t Get Caught’ is about a heavy truck leasing company that went bad. But the book is not about heavy trucks or leasing,” Stoudt said. “It’s about the characters caught up in the scam and how each of them handled it. And some of ’em handle it funny and some of ’em don’t handle things well at all.”


Stoudt’s fourth book, still in progress, “The Man Under the Moon,” is about the first colony there. He said it’s “a little science fiction but it’s all character driven about people’s interactions in different situations, sometimes stressful, sometimes funny and sometimes moral or immoral.”

Stoudt describes writing as “magic.”

“I write an outline … a fairly complete outline … but when I sit down at the computer I really don’t know what’s going to come out and I put my hands above the keyboard and then start to type and it truly is magic,” he said. “ … The gist of what I write when I’m done with a paragraph or chapter, I often sit back and say, ‘How in the world did that happen?’”

Stoudt said he doesn’t expect to be a New York Times best-selling author, noting there are challenges for all writers in finding readers for their work.

“But my hope … other than the magic, the thrill that I get from writing, I put my email address in each book and I’m hoping that people will send me an email, saying, ‘I like that book, especially chapter 26,’ and then maybe say, ‘When’s your next book coming out,’” he said. And that his grandchildren will know he wrote those books.

The books are self-published through Beaver’s Pond Press, St. Paul, Minnesota. Stoudt’s books may be purchased on his website or through Amazon. They are also available in Jamestown at Dakota Store, Plantation Coffee and Sapphire Gallery, where he will appear at a book-signing event on Nov. 27.

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If you go

What: Jamie Stoudt book signing

When: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 27

Where: Sapphire Gallery, 109 First St. West, Jamestown

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