Schumacher writes Christmas story about hedgehog family

DeeAnn Schumacher, a Jamestown real estate agent, completed her first self-published children's book, "The Legend of the Christmas Candle."Schumacher said she had always wanted to write a children's book for her children when they were growing up...

DeeAnn Schumacher, right, is the author of "The Legend of the Christmas Candle," a self-published children's book about a family of hedgehogs and a magical Christmas Eve. Tara Nygaard, Schumacher's daugher, is helping her mother promote the book. JOHN M. STEINER | THE SUN

DeeAnn Schumacher, a Jamestown real estate agent, completed her first self-published children’s book, “The Legend of the Christmas Candle.”
Schumacher said she had always wanted to write a children’s book for her children when they were growing up.
“I read to my children every night when they were little,” she said. “I didn’t get around to writing a story until they were grown, but I’m ready for when I have some grandchildren.”
Schumacher said the story is based on either a Russian of Scandinavian legend about a candle in the window. Initially the characters were human, but when her illustrator, Emma Stuart of Australia, read the story she asked Schumacher if she wanted to change the characters to animals.
“She suggested a family of mice or rabbits,” Schumacher said. “I said I always wanted to write a story with hedgehogs.”
Schumacher said it took her about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to write the original story. She said she found Stuart on Pinterest, a social media website where artists display their work. Schumacher said she talked with Stuart face to face via the website Skype before she hired her.
Schumacher said production work on the book started in March. When she saw the cover of the book, a drawing of the father hedgehog pulling the family Christmas tree in a snowy woods holding a candle, Schumacher said she thought she had something special.
“People just love the cover, it is so awesome,” she said.
Tara Nygaard, Schumacher’s daughter, said her father is her mother’s biggest supporter.
“He has the book for sale at his shop, Preferred Transmission, and he talks about the book everywhere he goes,” she said. Nygaard is helping Schumacher publicize the book.
Schumacher said she has characters for other books, including Catie Caterpillar, a caterpillar who is obsessed with shoes, Betty Butter her mother and brother, and Grandfather Frost.
“Depending on how it goes with this book, I would like my next book to be about something that has year-round appeal,” she said.
She said the Grandfather Frost story would be about how Grandfather Frost makes winter weather and would include his grandson, Jack.
Schumacher said the book was just published at the beginning of December by Dog Ear Publishing, Indianapolis, and copies are available at Reuben Liechty Realtors, 1209 5th Ave. SE, and at Preferred Transmission, 825 5th Ave. NE. The book may be purchased online at, or at Barnes & Noble online.
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