Ramsey Solutions' Financial Peace University will hold classes in Jamestown beginning Tuesday, July 11. The classes will be at 6 p.m. at Quality Inn & Suites, at 507 25th St. SW.

Created by financial expert Dave Ramsey, this nine-lesson digital course provides families and individuals with practical tools to gain control of their finances and set themselves up for long-term financial success. Video lessons provide information on budgeting, relationships and money, getting out of debt, saving for emergencies, investing and other topics. Lessons feature Ramsey personalities Rachel Cruze and Chris Hogan teaching alongside Ramsey.

“This isn’t a boring financial class. We make learning about money fun and easy to understand so people in every situation can benefit from the information,” Ramsey said. “Financial Peace University will not only transform the way you handle money, but also your marriage and other areas of your life.”

A membership for Financial Peace University includes access to online video lessons, financial coaching assistance, digital tools and a one-year subscription to EveryDollar Plus budgeting tool. Also included is access to Legacy Journey and Smart Money Smart Kids courses. Legacy Journey walks families and individuals through what to do once they have control of their finances and helps them navigate their way through building wealth. Smart Money Smart Kids helps parents teach their children to make wise financial decisions.

Go to DaveRamsey.com/FPU for more information or to register.