The Cleveland Seventh-day Adventist Church is holding a followup event to Messiah's Mansion at 7 p.m. Friday, July 12.

Cheryl Erickson, evangelism coordinator, said a one-hour seminar will be at the church July 12 due to the "overwhelmingly positive response" to the Messiah's Mansion that was at the Stutsman County Fairgrounds in Jamestown recently and because of many people's desire to learn in more detail about the symbols relating to the services of the Mosaic sanctuary. The seminar will examine in greater detail the significance of each part of furniture in the Holy Place and Most Holy Place and how it is relevant to salvation and to people's lives today. Kimber Hoffman, a carpenter from the Streeter area, has built exact replicas of each part of the furnishings of the Tabernacle and will be displaying them and explaining their use and how they told the story of salvation during the one-hour seminar. He will dress as a high priest and will share many facts about this part of Bible history.

After the meeting, attendees will be able to take pictures of the sanctuary furniture and there will be information to take back to share with church study groups. Hoffman is also willing to share the Bible's blueprint for these articles if anyone would be interested in building them themselves.

The presentation will be both educational and inspirational, Erickson said, so people are encouraged to come and bring a friend. For more information, contact Erickson at 320-2685.

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