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Desserts are king at potluck

Academic Year in American program international exchange students at a recent potluck dinner in Spiritwood, from left, are Anna Magyar, Hungary; Gabriela Pereira, Brazil; Sophie Gaertner, Germany; Rossakorn Limprasert, Thailand; Estelle Schoune, Belgium; Andrea Marisol, Mexico, and Cathy Scott, AYA coordinator in Spiritwood. The students are holding frozen Chinese dumplings that were made over the summer by a visiting former exchange student who stayed with the Scott’s eight years ago. Submitted photo

The annual international potluck dinner of exchange students and their host families was held recently at the Spiritwood farm of Ken and Cathy Scott, who coordinate the Academic Year in America program for area schools.

The food represented the cultures of the students who were from Belgium, Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Mexico and Thailand, Scott said. The students observed that Americans eat more processed foods with a high fat content, but also enjoyed trying the sweets, she said.

"I love Dippin' Dots ice cream," said Andrea Marisol, a senior at Jamestown High School from Mexico, hosted by Troy and Trisha Thomas of Pingree. "That is my favorite food ever in America."

The Mexican food in America is not the same as at home in Cancun, Marisol said. But she enjoyed it all the same as she did her stay in America.

Estelle Schloune, an exchange student from Belgium, said her favorite American treats are Blue Bunny ice cream and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She made a sweet yule log for the potluck.

Schloune, hosted by David and Jackie Moser of Streeter, attends Medina Public School. She compared American peanut butter to nutella, a chocolate peanut butter that is popular in her country. She said French fries are made fresh in trucks and not frozen in Belgium.

"Estella has really enjoyed her host mom Jackie Moser's homemade bread," Scott said.

Gabriela Pereira from Brazil, who stayed with Joseph and Jaime Kraehenbuehl of Jamestown, made a brigadeiro dessert from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles for the potluck.

Rossakorn Limprasent, Thailand, who is staying with Lucinda and Dustin Lien of Ypsilanti and attends Montpelier Public School, made a Thai salad for the potluck. She said American foods are a great adventure but are quite a departure from her Thai diet.

The American supermarkets are big and have most everything, Limprasent said. She also shopped the Asian stores in Fargo to get some items.

"In Thailand the shops are smaller and sometimes I might need to go to two or three stores to get what I want," she said.

Sophie Gaertner, a junior from Hamburg, made German pancakes for the potluck. She is hosted by Tom and Miss Souis of Jamestown.

Gartner observed that foods in American stores come in much bigger containers than in Germany. She is accustomed to more vegetables in her German diet, she said.

Anna Magyar of Hungary, made crepes for the potluck. She is hosted by Shane and Liz Smith of Jamestown.

To become a host family for an exchange student for the 2018-19 school year contact Scott at 252-5764 or 1 (800) 322-4678 ext. 5071.