Give Santa Claus directions to get to your house on Christmas Eve

St. John's Academy Teacher Peggy Vandal

JSSP Holidays

Dear Santa,

I live in Jamestown ND. I live by Fortsawrd. On a hill. Whith a big flag.

Love, Jocelyn

Dear Sant Claus


I line in Jametown on the hill biy the sekert hoeus on 15 athunw.

From Gabriel

Dear Santa

I lvfe in Pagrve but not in Pagrve I lvfe at of Pagvre.

SSle Jozie

To: Santa from Leon


Dear Santa I live Jamestown I live by JRMC hosptel. I live in a long blue, not tall house.

Hi Santa I am Ryan

This is the way to come to my house. You go south over Queen city povence. Then turn west over otowwa, the go south to Roesu. Then southest to Grand Forks. Keep go that dircien then you hit my house.

Dear Santa

i live in Jamstown nothn dacth. I live by the hosu ped.

From Sulli


Dear Santa Claus

the drections to my home are go south for a logn time, and then go west for a litte time and to to Jame's Town.

Your friend


Dear Santa

Go down hiway 281 go to you rite and thn go down the rode.


Dear Santa,

I live in Jamestown here is directions to my home. First, go downtown. Next, go to the train track. Then go up the hill by the Jimme football stadium. last, turn right go past the track. Finaly, you are there.


Dear Santa I live by rosavalt, I live in Jamestown ND. I have a big bush in my yard.

From Wesley

Dear Santa,

I live in Jamestouwn Noth dacota. I live by St. Jouns. I have a crismis tree in my yard.

From, Cy

Dear Santa, I live in Jamestown live by the Jamestown Huogos.

From: Clare

Dear Santa,

I live in Montpelore. My name is Eva I have a play grond in my yard.


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