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JRMC has contest to name robot

Jamestown Regional Medical Center is raising money for a germ-zapping robot and is seeking the public's help.

Ultraviolet light from the Xenex LightStrike Robot reduces the risk of surgical site infections. This technology eliminates bacteria, viruses and protozoa and eradicates dangerous microorganisms such as drug-resistant superbugs. As part of the fundraising campaign, JRMC is asking the public to participate in a Name The Robot contest.

The Xenex Robot's portable disinfection system is an emerging technology in health care. It focuses on the most effective and efficient method of sanitizing surfaces throughout the medical center.

Surgical site infections are rare, said Jenna Bredahl, quality coordinator at JRMC. Eight were reported at JRMC in 2017, far below the national average of 1,571.

Some germs are nearly impossible to clean by hand. Each surgical site infection is dangerous and expensive. Each surgical site infection can cost $15,000 to $50,000.

The portable Xenex system can disinfect a typical patient or procedure room in four or five minutes. It can be used in any department or any unit at JRMC. Each robot costs about $100,000.

The JRMC Foundation is raising money for the Xenex Robot as part of Giving Hearts Day. On Feb. 8, online gifts are matched. To enter the Name The Robot contest, visit Participation is free. Coloring sheets can be turned in to JRMC or Unison Bank. The deadline is Feb. 8.

To learn more, call 952-4880.