"No filter" is going to take on a whole different meaning this weekend for some Jamestown residents.

Photographer Taylor Enzminger of TME Photography has reached out the Jamestown community via Facebook as a part of the #FrontStepsProject. The campaign, started by a Massachusetts photographer, captures residents of communities across the country in their non-filtered, stay-at-home, quarantined lives.

"I came across the Front Steps Project through Facebook from some other photographers doing it," Enzminger said. "(Massachusetts photographer) just started taking pictures of families on their porches to boost spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic. She encouraged other photographers around the world to do the same thing so now that's what I am doing."

Enzminger asked all interested parties to provide her with their address and phone number to be contacted at. As a newer addition to the Jamestown community, Enzminger said she was not expecting the response she has gotten.

"I didn't expect it to be that huge because I am just working on building my clientele and stuff," Enzminger said of her initial post. "(The post) has reached over 4,000 people on Facebook and I did not expect that. I have over 20 signed up right now and I am hoping I can grow it even more."

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The community photo shoot is scheduled to take place on Saturday. Enzminger will contact interested subjects Friday evening to give an estimated arrival time. The photographer is planning to tackle the city in quadrants (southeast, southwest, northwest, northeast) and will call or text families about 20 minutes before she arrives at the home.

"I will text them when I arrive, then they'll come out on their front porch, they'll go on their steps and I will kind of arrange them from a distance," Enzminger said. "I am kind of hoping everyone will just be themselves. I am hoping to see some kind of silly ones, some in their pajamas, dressed up, kind of whatever they are feeling like I guess."

In an effort to maintain social-distancing practices Enzminger will place a bucket for donations six feet away from herself. Enzminger will not be collecting payment for the photos taken but will donate all proceeds to the local food pantry. The subjects can access the photos on an online gallery.

"I feel like the photos will kind of bring everyone together - showing everybody that we are all in it together," Enzminger said.

Enzminger can be contacted by direct messaging the TME Photography page on Facebook.

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