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Nourish your muscles for strength and mobility

As people age, they may experience a loss of ability to do simple things, like housework, bathing and walking.

We can delay and even prevent this loss as we age by understanding proper nutrition and exercise for our muscles. A recent study showed the number of cases of physical disability increased significantly as muscle mass decreased.

Impact the quality of your life today by learning about how you can use nutrition and exercise to fuel your muscles and add more activity. Protein, carbohydrates, water and minerals all play an important part in growing and maintaining muscle mass. Proper and regular resistance training is vital to keep muscle strength as we age.

If you’d like to make some changes in your diet or lifestyle to improve your muscles for better health, the North Dakota State University Extension Service can help. The Extension office in Stutsman County is holding a class at noon Jan. 25 at the Stutsman County Extension office, 502 10th Ave. SE, Jamestown. There is no cost to attend, but preregistration is requested.

This class is part of NDSU Extension’s Nourishing Boomers and Beyond program. The program is designed to provide North Dakotans age 50 and older with information and strategies to reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases. However, any adult can benefit from the information.

Nourishing Boomers and Beyond offers classes on a different topic each month. Participants will be able to take part in hands-on activities and discussions, and they’ll receive material such as handouts and healthy recipes to take home.

Visit the program’s website at if you aren’t able to attend a class or want more information on the topic covered in a session. Anyone can sign up for the free monthly newsletter by visiting the website or contacting your local Extension office.

Things you’ll learn about in January include plant and animal protein sources, the importance of hydration in workout performance and goal setting for muscle maintenance. To sign up for this workshop, call the Extension office at 252-9030.

For more information on Nourishing Boomers and Beyond or healthy lifestyles, contact Christina Rittenbach, Stutsman County Extension agent, at 252-9030 or