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Stutsman County Open Class fair results

There were 412 exhibitors and 1,140 exhibits in the 2018 Open Class for the Stutsman County Fair. The following are winners in the Stutsman County Fair in the Home and Hobby Department. Winners are compiled from judges' books.



Any rye: Grant Frey, first; Rick Wilson, second.


Field corn, 6 stalks: Connor Gasal, first; Adfam Krapp, second; Evan Krapp, third.

Alfalfa, first cut: Evan Krapp, first; Adam Krapp, second.

Soy beans: Adam Krapp, first; Evan Krapp, second; Blake Gasal, third.

Best Cultivated Crop: Connor Gasal.



Apple, 6: Gloria Jones, first; Sara Jensen, second; Margaret Leonard, third.

Cherries, 12: Victoria Christensen, first; Gloria Jones, second; Margaret Leonard, third.

Grapes, ½ pint: Sara Jensen, first.

Plums, green 6: Robert Stiles, first.

Raspberries, 1/2 pint: Robert Stiles, first; Amy Leonard, second.

Juneberries, 1/2 pint: Gloria Jones, first; Margaret Leonard, second.

Chokecherries, 1/2 pint: Amy Igl, first; Jolene Barnick, second; Robert Stiles, third.

Gooseberries, 1/2 pint: Margaret Leonard, first.

Any other fruit: Sara Jensen, first; Gloria Jones, second.


Asparagus, 6 spears: Gloria Jones, first.

Beets, 3, 1" tops: Lisa Blaskowski, first.

Cucumber, 2, 1/2" stem: Gloria Jones, first.

Dill heads, 3: Gloria Jones, first.

Lettuce, 1 head: Sara Jensen, first; Laurie Podoll, second.

Lettuce, leaf, 3 plants: Margaret Leonard, first; Lisa Blaskowski, second; Jolene Barnick, third.

Six green table onions: Gloria Jones, first; Margaret Leonard, second.

Three white mature onions: Lisa Blaskowski, first; Jolene Barnick, second.

Peas, 6 pods: Patsy Klose, first.

Radish, round 6: Carol Kachel, first; Gloria Jones, second; Amy Leonard, third.

Rhubarb, 6 stalks in one bunch: Jolene Barnick, first; Carol Kachel, second; Emma Wiley, third.

Tomato, green, 3: Jolene Barnick, firs.

Herbs — potted: Carol Jensen, first, Laurie Podoll, second.

Any other vegetable: Gloria Jones, first.

Best Adult Vegetable/Fruit: Victoria Christensen.

Best Adult Onion: Gloria J ones.





Raspberries, 1/2 pint: Miah Tyson, first.

Apples, 6: Colten Smith, first; Noah Babcock, second; Peyton Stadler, third.

Crabapples, 6: Jorie Stadler, first; Peyton Stadler, second.

Cherries, 12: Aliyah Tyson, first; Will Tyson, second; Miah Tyson, third.

Plums, 6: Aliyah Tyson, first; Will Tyson, second; Peyton Stadler, third.

Strawberries, 1/2 pint: Miah Tyson, first; Maddy Tyson, second.

Juneberries, 1/2 pint: Will Tyson, first.

Chokeberries, 1/2 pint: Brennan Barnick, first.

Any other fruit: Miah Tyson, first; Maddy Tyson, second.


Beans: Maddy Tyson, first; Will Tyson, second.

Lettuce, leaf, 3 plants: Brennan Barnick, first; Cassidy Williams, second; Maddy Tyson, third.

Green table onions: Peyton Stadler, first; Jovie Stadler, second.

Potato, 4: Brennan Barnick, first.

Radish, red, round, 6: Jovie Stadler, first; Molly Wilson, second; Peyton Stadler, third.

Rhubarb, 6 stalks: Madi Schauer, first; Brennan Barnick, second.

Tomatoes, green 3: Peyton Stadler, first; Jovie Stadler, second; Brennan Barnick, third.

Any other vegetable: Peyton Stadler, first; Brennan Barnick, second; Jovie Stadler, third.

Best Junior Vegetable/Fruit: Miah Tyson.

Best Junior Onion: Peyton Stadler.

Best Junior Potato: Brennan Barnick.



Clematis, 7 to 8 blooms: Jolene Barnick, first; Carol Jensen, third.

Columbine, 5 stems: Gloria Jones, second.

Corsage (silk): Victoria Christensen, second.

Daisies, Common, Oxeye, 5 blooms: Gloria Jones, first; Victoria Christensen, third.

Daisies, Gallardia, 5 blooms: Amy Igl, second.

Daisies, Shasta, 5 blooms: Jolene Barnick, first; Carol Kachel, second.

Delphiniums, 3 spikes: Carol Kachel, first.

Dianthus, 3 stems: Gloria Jones, first.

Fairy Garden: Laurie Podoll, first; Carol Jensen, second; Cammie Trumble, third.

Lily Day, 1 stem: Gloria Jones, first; Michele Well, second; Jolene Barnick, third.

Any other lily, 1 stem: Gloria Jones, first; Amy Igl, second; Michele Well, third.

Marigolds, small, 5 blooms: Bonnie Nelson, first; Heidi Tyson, second.

Marigolds, large, 5 blooms: Carol Jensen, first; Michele Well, third.

Pansies, 7 blooms: Carol Jensen, first; Bonnie Nelson, second; Cammie Trumble, third.

Peonies, 3 stems: Julie Orr, first.

Petunias, single, 7 to 8 stems: Jolene Barnick, first; Carol Jensen, second; Morgan Well, third.

Rose, 1 bloom: Patsy Klose, first; Gloria Jones, second; Jolene Barinck, third.

Rose bowl: Margaret Leonard, first; Jolene Barnick, second, Julie Orr, third.

Snap dragons, 5 stems: Julie Orr, first.

Any other flower, large: Carol Jensen, first; Amy Igl, second; Bonnie Nelson, third.

Any other flower, small: Bonnie Nelson, first; Carol Kachel, second.

African Violets, double: Laurie Podoll, first.

Fresh bouquet, full size: Gloria Jones, first; Julie Orr, second; Debbie Holmes, third.

Fresh bouquet, miniature: Amy Igl, first; Julie Orr, second; Carol Jensen, third.

Fresh flower arrangement, buffet: Patsy Klose, first; Julie Orr, second; Amy Igl, third.

Fresh flower arrangement, centerpiece: Julie Orr, first; Sara Jensen, second; Patsy Klose, third.

Native prairie arrangement: Gloria Jones, first; Connie Berg, third.

Silk arrangement,:Connie Berg, second.

Potted green plant, no cactus 8" pot: Richard Podoll, first; Laurie Podoll, second.

Best Adult Flower: Gloria Jones.





Daisies, 5 blooms: Brennan Barnick, first; McKenna Barnick, second; Noah Babcock, third.

Dianthus, 3 stems: Madi Schauer, first; Brennan Barnick, second.

Lily Day, 1 stem: Madi Schauer, first; Jacie Brennan Barnick, second; McKenna Barnick, third.

Lily any other, 1 stem: Chloe Smith, second; Ethan Igl, third.

Marigolds, 5 blooms: Madi Schauer, first; Jacie Bear, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Pansies, 7 blooms: Jordan Jensen, first.

Petunias, 7 blooms: Brennan Barnick, first; Maddy Tyson, second; Madi Schauer, third.

Single Rose, one bloom: McKenna Barnick, first; Emry Lueck, second.

Rose bowl: McKenna Barick, first; Emry Lueck, second.

Other flowers: Noah Babcock, first; McKenna Barnick, second; Chloe Smith, third.

Native prairie arrangement: Martha Scheaffer, second; Peyton Stadler, third.

Mini bouquet, under 7" (to age 10): Ethan Igl, first; Cloe Smith, second.

Mini bouquet (age 11-16): Madi Schauer, second; Martha Scheaffer, third.

Fresh flower arrangement or bouquet (to age 10): Jordan Jensen second; Cayson Collazo, third.

Potted green plant, 8" pot: McKenna barnick, first; Madi Schauer, second; Jovie Stadler, third.

Best Junior Flower: McKenna Barnick






White bread: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Danielle Westerhausen, second; Debbie Holmes, third.

Any bread machine bread: Deb Klosterman Klose, first; Heidi Tyson, second; Nick Kurtz, third.

White buns: Colleen Torgeson, first; Wanda Walker, second; Jackie Readel, third.

Dark buns: Jackie Readel, first.

Fancy rolls: Jeanette Srozinksi, first.

Cinnamon rolls: Jeanette Srozinksi, first; Jackie Readel, second.

Caramel rolls: Colleen Torgeson, first; Jackie Readel, second; Jeanette Srozinski, third.

Kuchen, 1/4 piece, 9" kuchen: LaRissa Wiley, first.

Best In Adult Rolls: Colleen Torgeson.

Best In Adult Bread: Deb Klosterman Klose.


Banana bread: LaRissa Wiley, first; Carol Kachel, second; Debbie Holmes, third.

Bran muffins: Ann Marks, first; Carol Kachel, second.

Fruit muffins: Rita Scherbenske, first; Deb Klosterman Klose, second; Raquel Heinle, third.

Coffee cake: Gloria Jones, first.

Best Adult Quick Bread: LaRissa Wiley.


Chocolate cake, not iced: Debbie Holmes, first.

Any other cake, not iced: Gloria Jones, first; Jackie Readel, second.

Chocolate layer cake, iced: Debbie Holmes, first.

Any other layer cake, iced: Paul Lee, first.

Decorated cupcakes: Raquel Heinle, first.

Gluten free cupcakes: *, first; *, second; *, third.

Angel food cake, not iced: Danielle Westerhausen, first.

Best In Adult Cake: Gloria Jones.


Chocolate: Amy Igl, first; Raquel Heinle, second.

Chocolate chip: Rita Scherbenske, first; Carol Kachel, second; LaRissa Wiley, third.

Filled: Raquel Heinle, first.

Ginger: Jeanette Srozinksi, first; Carol Kachel, second; Cammie Trumble, third.

Oatmeal: Cammie Trumble, first.

Peanut butter: Wanda Walker, first; Gloria Jones, second; Carol Kachel, third.

Pressed or molded: Jolene Barnick, first; Gloria Jones, second; Nick Kurtz, third.

Raisin: Heidi Tyson, first; Wanda Walker, second.

Sugar: Wanda Walker, first; Jackie Readel, second; Gayle Frey, third.

Unbaked: Margaret Leonard, first; Cheryl Williams, second.

Gluten free cookie: Margaret Leonard, first.

Brownies: Deb Klosterman Klose, first; Candy Hoggarth Baldwin, second; Heidi Tyson, third.

Unbaked bar: Raquel Heinle, first; Heidi Tyson, second; Cheryl Williams, third.

Fruit bar: Gloria Jones, first; Debbie Holmes, second.

Any other bar: Jolene Barnick, first; Rita Scherbenske, second; Jackie Readel, third.

Cake doughnut: Danielle Westerhausen, first.

Best In Adult Cookie/Bar: Jolene Barnick.


Two crust pie: Ann Marks, first; Paul Lee, second.

Best Pie: Ann Marks.


Fudge: Wanda Walker, first.

Other fudge: Raquel Heinle, first.

Chocolates, homemade: Raquel Heinle, first; Gloria Jones, second.

Divinity: Margaret Leonard, first.

Molded candy including mints: Gloria Jones, first.

Peanut brittle: Gloria Jones, first.

Best In Adult Candy: Gloria Jones.



Beans: Gloria Jones, first.

Beets: Michele Carstens, second.

Peppers: Gloria Jones, first.

Sauerkraut: Colleen Torgeson, first.

Tomatoes: Gloria Jones, first; Terry O'Meara, second.

Tomato juice: Gloria Jones, first; Lori Stiefel, second; Terry O'Meara, third.

Tomato, spaghetti or pizza sauce: Gloria Jones, first; Lori Stiefel, second; Terry O'Meara, third.

Salsa: Terry O'Meara, first; Gloria Jones, second; Max Fieber, third.

Other vegetables: Gloria Jones, first.

Soup, any kind, homemade: Gloria Jones, first; Colleen Torgeson, third.

Best In Adult Vegetables: Gloria Jones.


Beet: Colleen McCoy, first; Bonnie Nelson, second; Evy Fruetel, third.

Dill: Gloria Jones, first; Jason Odenbach, second; Emi Odenbach, third.

Watermelon: Teri Raiche, first.

Any other pickles: Gloria Jones, first; Colleen McCoy, second.

Best Of Adult Pickles: Teri Raiche.


Applesauce: Morgan Well, first; Gloria Jones, second; Michele Well, third.

Apricots: Gloria Jones, first; Michele Carstens, second.

Berries: Gloria Jones, first.

Cherries: Gloria Jones, first.

Peaches: Terry O'Meara, first; Michele Carstens, second.

Pears: Terry O'Meara, first; Dawn Fruetel, second; Teri Raiche, third.

Any other fruit: Lori Stiefel, first.

Fruit juice — any kind: Grace Mikola, first; Lori Stiefel, second; Jamen Windish, third.

Best Of Fruits: Gloria Jones.


Beef: GTeri Raiche, first.

Wild game: Kirby Fruetel, second.

Poultry: Kirby Fruetel, second.

Sausage: Kevin Windish, first.

Jerky, 2 pieces: Kevin Windish, first.

Pepper sticks, 2 pieces: Jamen Windish, first.

Best Adult Meat: Kevin Windish.


Apple or crabapple jam: Teri Raiche, first.

Plum jam: Bonnie Nelson, first; Debbie Holmes, second; Grace Mikala, third.

Raspberry jam: Gloria Jones, first.

Rhubarb jam: Grace Mikula, first.

Strawberry jam: Gloria Jones, first; Debbie Holmes, second; Grace Mikula, third.

Blended or other jam: Bonnie Nelson, first; Kevin Windish, second; Gloria Jones, third.

Plum jelly: Lori Stiefel, first; Gloria Jones, second.

Chokecherry jelly: Gloria Jones, first; Patsy Klose, second.

Grape jelly: Gloria Jones, first; Phyllis Schuler, second.

Blended or other jelly: Grace Mikula, first; Phyllis Schuler, second; Gloria Jones, third.

Best Of Jelly/Jam: Gloria Jones.




AGES 5-7

Bread machine bread: Will Tyson.

Quick bread, 1 small loaf: Rhian Lueck, first; Taylor Spanier, second.

Muffins, fruit, 2: Rhian Lueck, first; Deegan Fix, second.

Cake: Will Tyson, first; Emry Lueck, second.

Cupcakes: Olivia Haugen, first; Will Tyson, second.

Brownies: McKenna Lipetzky, first; Bryson Corell, second; Chase Zabka, third.

Fruit or vegetable bar: Emry Lueck, third.

Unbaked bar: Taylor Spanier, first; Bryson Corell, second.

Chocolate chip cookies: Bryson Corell, first; Rhian Lueck, second; Chase Zabka, third.

Oatmeal cookies: Chase Zabka, first; Natalie Haugen, second; Deegan Fix, third.

Peanut butter cookies: Bryson Corell, first; Deegan Fix, second; Violet Olson, third.

Sugar cookies: Ella Lien, first; Rhian Lueck, second; Berkley Kuss, third.

Unbaked cookies: Deegan Fix, first; Bryson Corell, second; Chase Zabka, third.

Candy: Bryson Corell, first; Violet Olson, second.

Best In Cookie/Bar: McKenna Lipetzky.




AGES 8-11

Bread machine bread: Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second.

Yeast buns, 2 any kind: Markell Lueck, first; Chloe Smith, second.

Yeast rolls, 2 any kind: Chloe Smith, first.

Quick bread, 1 small loaf: Markell Lueck, first.

Muffins, fruit: Lily Parsons, first; Aliyah Tyson, second.

Muffins, 2 any kind: Molly Wilson, first.

Pie, small, any kind: Violet Olson, first.

Cake: Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second.

Cupcakes: Markell Lueck, first; Miah Tyson, second; Chloe Smith, third.

Brownies: Miah Tyson, first; Kacie Bear, second.

Fruit or vegetable bar: Miah Tyson, first.

Unbaked bar: Holden Syverson, first.

Chocolate chip cookies: Morgan Baldwin, first; Jacie Bear, second.

Oatmeal cookies: Aliyah Tyson, first; Jacie Bear, second.

Peanut butter cookies: Jacie Bear, first.

Sugar cookies: Keehe Overvold, first; Markell Lueck, second; Conner Aldinger, third.

Unbaked cookies: Lily Parsons, first.

Candy, any kind: Lily Parsons, first; Jacie Bear, second; Emry Lueck, third.

Best In Cookie/Bar: Aliyah Tyson.

AGES 12-16

Bread machine bread: Maddy Tyson*, first.

Yeast buns, 2 any kind: Kristen Spanier, second.

Yeast rolls, 2 any kind: Kristen Spanier, second.

Quick bread, 1 small loaf: Kristen Spanier, first.

Muffins, fruit: Kristen Spanier, third.

Cake: Madi Schauer, first; Maddy Tyson, second.

Cupcakes: Maddy Tyson, second.

Fruit or vegetable bar: Maddy Tyson, third.

Unbaked bar: Kristen Spanier, first; Maddy Tyson, third.

Chocolate chip cookies: Maddy Schauer, first; Kristen Spanier, second.

Candy, any kind: Maddy Tyson, first; Cassi Williams, second.

Jam: Hunter Mitchell, second.

Canned pickle: Madi Schauer, first.

Canned vegetable: Jessalyn Vesel, first.

Best In Cookie/Bar: Kristen Spanier.

Best Overall Jr. Candy: Maddy Tyson.


Dress: Grace Mikula, second.

Shirt: Mary Geffre, first.

Skirt or jumper: Judy Scherbenske, first; Melissa Olson, second.

Hat: Judy Scherbenske, first; Grace Mikula, second.

Scarf: Carol Jensen, second.

Bib: Judy Scherbenske, first; Carol Jensen, second; Carrie Roemmich, third.

Any other garment: Victoria Christensen, first; Melissa Olson, second; Grace Mikula, third.

Apron: Carol Jensen, first; Judy Scherbenske, second.

Fashion accessory: Carol Jensen, first; Victoria Christensen, second.

Hand bag or tote bag — handmade: Carol Jensen, first; Carrie Roemmich, second; Victoria Christensen, third.

Childs sleepwear: Judy Scherbenske, first; Carrie Roemmich, second.

Childs sportswear: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Item sewn by person over 70: Evy Fruetel, second.

Best Sewing Technique: Carol Jensen.


Pillow: Gloria Markel, first; Carol Jensen, second.

Pillow case: Deb Klosterman-Klose, first; Judy Scherbenske, second.

Other decorated dish towel: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Any kitchen fingertip towel: Bonnie Nelson, first; Carol Jensen, second; Judy Scherbenske, third.

Other tablecloth, any size: Patsy Klose, first.

Placemat, any kind: Judy Scherbenske, second.

Pot holders (2): Carol Jensen, first.

Appliance cover (kitchen): Carol Jensen, first; Yolanda Didier, second.

Other decorated terry towel: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Item made by person over 70: Gloria Marker, first.

Best In Home Furnishings: Bonnie Nelson.


Holiday table runner or topper: Beth Cole, first; Patsy Klose, second.

Holiday wall hanging:Patsy Klose, second.

Pieced - by the exhibitor, quilted by another individual (constructed by two persons): Deb Klosterman-Klose, first; Patty Richter, second; Gloria Morlock, third.

Recycled fabric: Beth Cole, first; Yolanda Didier, third.

Quilt made by person 25/under: Alyssa Michel, first.

Pieced and quilted — by the exhibitor on either a home sewing machine or longarm/midarm (entirely constructed by one person): Teresa Olson, first; Patsy Klose, second.

Table runner or topper: Mary Geffre, first.

Wall hanging: Patsy Klose, second.

Best Adult Quilt: Teresa Olson.


AGES 5-7

Any other sewing: Violet Olson, first; Cayson Collazo, second.

AGES 8-11

Dress: Chloe Smith, first.

Skirt or jumper: Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second.

Any other sewing: Isabel Jones, second.

Handbag or tote bag — handmade: Chloe Smith, first.

Pillowcase: Isabel Jones, second.

AGES 12-16

Skirt or jumper: Maddy Tyson, second.

Any other sewing:Abigayle Jones, second.

Pillowcase: Abigayle Jones, second.



Crocheted in one piece: Grace Mikula, first; Colleen McCoy, second.

Crocheted in blocks/strips: Debbie Holmes, first; Grace Mikula, second; Danielle Helton, third.

Any other adult afghan: Meggen Henke, first; Brita Greenawalt.

Baby afghan, crocheted: Debbie Holmes, first; Grace Mikula, second; Colleen McCoy, third.

Baby afghan, any other kind: Danielle Helton, second.

Best Afghan: Meggen Henke..


Doily under 14": Phyllis Schuler, first.

Centerpiece over 14": Phyllis Schuler, first.

Cap: Lori Elhard, first; Grace Mikula, second; Melissa Olson, third.

Dish cloth/towel: Melissa Olson, third.

Doll clothes: Grace Mikula, first.

Mittens or gloves: Grace Mikula, first.

Neck scarf: Melissa Olson, first.

Pillowcase: Melissa Olson, second.

Pot holder: Dixie Supler, first; Melissa Olson, second.

Shell or vest:Melissa Olson, second.

Slippers: Grace Mikula, first.

Sweater: Danielle Helton, first; Colleen McCoy, second; Dixie Supler, third.

Any other childs clothing: Grace Mikula, first; Danielle Helton, second; Melissa Olson, third.

Item made by person over 70: Margaret Leonard, third.

Crocheted item (ages 12-16): Kristen Spanier, first.

Any other crochet item: Brita Greenawalt, first; Colleen McCoy, second; Grace Mikula, third.

Best Crocheted Item: Danielle Helton.


Cap:Teri Raiche, third.

Neck scarf: Debbie Holmes, first.

Item made by person under 16: McKenna Barnick, second.

Best Knit Item: Debbie Holmes.


Counted cross stitch picture, large (over 11x14" mat opening): Debbie Holmes, first; Rita Scherbenske, second; Bonnie Nelson, third.

Counted cross stitch picture, medium (8x8" through 11x14" mat opening): Debbie Holmes, first; Bonnie Nelson, second; Rita Scherbenske, third.

Counted cross stitch picture, small (under 8x8" mat opening): Rita Scherbenske, first; Debbie Holmes, second.

Other cross stitch, not framed: Donna Fischer, first; Phyllis Schuler, second; Beth Nuetzman, third.


Embroidered dish towel: Bonnie Nelson, first;

Phyllis Schuler, second;

Addison Graves, third.

Any other Embroidery, not framed: Amy Igl, first.


Best Needlework: Debbie Holmes.



Basket, hand made: Lani Olson, first; Cammie Trumble, second.

Bead craft item: Deb Klosterman-Klose, second.

Christmas item, non-needlework: Jolyn Bieri, first; Bonnie Nelson, second.

Christmas stocking: Judy Scherbenske, second.

Decorated shirt:Carol Jensen, second; Judy Scherbenske, third.

Decoupage item: Judy Scherbenske, second; Carol Jensen, third.

Doll blanket: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Holiday other than Christmas: Melissa Olson, first; Jolyn Bieri, second; Debbie Holmes, third.

Holiday ornament: Bonnie Nelson, second; Grace Mikula, third.

Jewelry: Debbie Holmes, first; Amy Igl, second.

Latch hook item: Robert Hatch, second.

Handmade greeting card: Phyllis Schuler, first; Jolyn Bieri, second; Nicole Mosolf, third.

Wreath or swag: Debbie Holmes, second; Nicole Mosolf, third.

Yarn craft: Robert Dockter, second.

Item made by hand person: Beth Nuetzman, first; Roberta Reimers, second; Robert Dockter, third.

Craft item/person over 70: Donna Fischer, first.

Best In Adult Craft: Phyllis Schuler.


AGES 5-7

Bead craft: Violet Olson, first; Emmie Odenbach, second; Ilehe Barnick, third.

Christmas item, large: Iiehe Barnick, second.

Christmas item, small: Natalie Haugen, second; Ilehe, third.

Decorated ready-made doll or toy: Violet Olson, second; Olivia haugen, third.

Decorated shirt: Leah Mann, first; Harper Rode, second; Will Tyson, third.

Decoupage item: Will Tyson, third.

Holiday other than Christmas: Deegan Fix, second; Cayson Collazo, third.

Jewelry: Emmi Odenbach, first; Will Tyson, second; Bryson Corell, third.

Handmade greeting card: Emry, first; Will Tyson, second; Ilehe Barnick, third.

Pillow, 18x18: Natalie Haugen, first; Violet Olson, second.

Plastic canvas item: Olivia Haugen, first; Natalie Haugen, second.

Refrigerator magnet: Will Tyson, second; 'Adelle Westerhausen, third.

Yarn craft: Ilehe Barnick, third.

AGES 8-11

Bead craft: Avery Graves, first; Miah Tyson, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Christmas item, small: Miah Tyson, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Decorated ready-made doll or toy: Miah Tyson, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Decorated shirt: Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second; Brady Sorenson, third.

Decoupage item: Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second.

Holiday other than Christmas: Aliyah Tyson, second.

Jewelry:Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second; Cassi Williams, third.

Handmade greeting card: Miah Tyson, first; Markell Lueck, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Potholder: Miah Tyson, third.

Refrigerator magnet: Aliyah Tyson, first; Noah Babcock, second; Miah Tyson, third.

Wall hanging, needlework: Lily Parsons, first; Marissa Moltzen, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Yarn craft: Miah Tyson, second.

Scrapbook page - 12"x12": Jacie Bear, first; Markell Lueck, second.

AGES 12-16

Bead craft: Addison Graves, first.

Christmas item, small: Maddy Tyson, third.

Decorated ready-made doll or toy: Maddy Tyson, second.

Decoupage item: Maddy Tyson, third.

Holiday other than Christmas: Maddy Tyson, second.

Jewelry: Maddy Tyson, third.

Handmade greeting card: Martha Scheaffer, first; Maddy Tyson, second.

Potholder: Maddy Tyson, third.

Refrigerator magnet: Maddy Tyson, second.

Wall hanging: Cheyene Smith, second; Addison Graves, third.

Yarn craft: Maddy Tyson, third.

Scrapbook page - 12"x12": Martha Scheaffer, second.

Best Junior Craft (All ages): Cheyene Smith.



Bird house, functional: Nick Kurtz, third.

Decorated ready made wood item: Victoria Christensen, first.

Leather craft: Carol Jensen, first.

Toy, handmade, other than wood: Victoria Christensen, first; Grace Mikula, second.

Toy, handmade, wood: Victoria Christensen, first.

Wood craft, constructed: Taylor Tananta, first; Nick Kurtz, second.

Other craft made by person over 70: Tom Geffre, second.

Craft made of recycled product: Carol Jensen, first; Gerald Champagne, second; Carrie Roemmich, third.

Best Wood & Other Craft: Victoria Christensen.




AGES 5-7

Bird house, small: Emmi Odenbach, first; Violet Olson, second.

Bird feeder: Jacob Holloway, first.

Handmade toy: Jacob Holloway, first; Will Tyson, second; Bryson Corell, third.

Suncatcher: Onyx Gourneau, first; Kimber Buckles, second; Logan Wentz, third.

Wood craft, any other: Will Tyson, second; Cayson Collazo, third.

Craft made of recycled product: Bryson Corell, first; Violet Olson, second; Cayson Collazo, third.

AGES 8-11

Bird feeder: David Holloway, third.

Handmade toy: David Holloway, first; Miah Tyson, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Leather craft: Chloe Smith, second.

Metal craft, punch: Taylor Jensen, first.

Suncatcher: Hunter Challeen, first; Madison Stinar, second; Christian Wilkinson, third.

Wood craft, any other: Charlotte Wilson, second; Isabelle Jones, third.

Woodburning item: Chloe Smith, second.

Craft made of recycled product: Chloe Smith, first; Jozie Davis, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

AGES 12-16

Metal craft, punch: Hunter Mitchell, third.

Suncatcher: Maddy Tyson, third.

Wood craft, any other: Hunter Mitchell, first.





Ink: Danielle Westerhausen, first; Leah Komrosky, second.

Pencil: Shania Schooler, first; Kaden DeGroot, second; Leah Komrosky, third.


Acrylic: Shania Schooler, first; Bonnie Nelson, second; Sara Jensen, third.

Alcohol Ink: Carrie Roemmich, first; Dixie Supler, second.


Clay or plastercraft: Judy Carlson, first; Shania Schooler, second.


Large: Amy Tarno, first.

Small: Amy Tarno, first.

Best Adult Art: Shania Schooler.



AGES 5-7


Chalk or charcoal: Cayson Collazo, first.

Ink: Bryson Corell, first; Will Tyson, second; Violet Olson, third.

Pencil: Violet Olson, first.

Mixed medium: Cayson Collazo, first; William Klosterman, second; Bryson Corell, third.


Acrylic: Emmi Odenbach, first; Olivia Haugen, second.

Watercolor: Will Tyson, first; Ilehe Barnick, second; Adelle Westerhausen, third.


Clay or plastercraft: Bryson Corell, first; Cayson Collazo, second; Deegan Fix, third.

AGES 8-11


Chalk or charcoal: Peyton Stadler, first.

Ink: Addison Spanier, first; Miah Tyson, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.

Pencil: Marissa Moltzen, first; Addison Spanier, second; Brody Wolff, third.

Mixed medium: Addison Spanier, first; Hezekiah Vanderkooi, second; Aliyah Tyson, third.


Acrylic: Hezekiah Vanderkooi, first; Jordon Jensen, second; Isabelle Jones, third.

Watercolor: Miah Tyson, first; Aliyah Tyson, second; Alleya Mickelson, third.


Clay or plastercraft: Chase Zabka, first; Lily Parsons, second.

AGES 12-16


Pencil: Olivia Schriock, first; Kaden DeGroot, second; Jaxon Schriock, third.

Mixed medium: Flynn Wiley, first.


Acrylic: Olivia Schriock, first; Abigayle Jones, second.

Watercolor: Olivia Schriock, first.


Best Junior Art: Olivia Schriock.





Portraits/candids: Richard Podoll, first; Darnel Carlson, second; Nicole Williams, third.

Scenic: LeAnn Yehran, first; Laurie Podoll, second; Richard Podoll, third.

Nature: Laurie Podoll, first; Jolyn Bieri, second; Paul Lee, third.

Stutsman County Fair photo: Debbie Holmes, first; Nichole Mosolf, second.


Portraits/candids: Laurie Christensen, first; Danielle Westerhausen, second.

Scenic: Debbie Holmes, first; Cammie Trumble, second.

Nature: Cammie Trumble, first; Carrie Roemmich, second.

Best In Adult Photography: Laurie Podoll.


AGES 5 — 7


Portraits/candids: Adelle Westerhausen, first.

Nature: Blake Peterson, first.

AGES 8-11


Portraits/candids: Miah Tyson, first; Chloe Smith, second.

Scenic: Chloe Smith, first.

Nature: Miah Tyson, first; Chloe Smith, second.

Ages 12-16

Portraits/candids: Maddiy Tyson, first; Emma Wiley, second; Olivia Schriock, third.

Scenic: Martha Scheaffer, first; Kirsten Vanderkooi, second; Jaxon Schriock, third.

Nature: Emma Wiley, first; Kirsten Vanderkooi, second; Olivia Schriock, third.


Portraits/candids: Olivia Schriock, first; Kirsten Vanderkooi, second; Jaxon Schriock, third.

Scenic: Jaxen Schriock, first; Emma Wiley, second; Martha Scheaffer, third.

Nature: Sydney Bieri, first; Emma Wiley, second; Kirsten Vanderkooi, third.

Best Junior Photography (All ages): Sydney Bieri.




Decorator pieces: Michelle Morlock, first; Yolanda Didier, second.

Miscellaneous: Nick Kurtz, first.

AGES 5-11

Decorator pieces: Shelby Kelstrom, first.

Combined medium: David Holloway, first.

Best in Ceramics: Michelle Morlock.