Spring is upon us once and again and so is a new year of getting prepared for the up-and-coming gardening season. Now that warmer temperatures are moving in, we are becoming eager to get outdoors more often and enjoy what makes this region such a wonderful place to be during the growing months.

As much as we want to get things growing in the yard, we are fully aware that the planting season will not be here until near the end of May. As true as that may be, our perennials have a different timeline and will begin to grow shortly to accent the many spring bulbs that will be blooming within the next four weeks.

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We all know that this time of year is reserved for cleaning up the yards, taking stock in our tools, and creating new projects for the home and garden. We are all in luck as the local Home & Garden Show is upon us at the Jamestown Civic Center after having to take a year off due to the pandemic. This is the perfect place to visit to get new ideas for our outdoor spaces.

This is not only a show for those that like to dig in the dirt, but equally as good for those who like to mow, build patios, or put in walkways and accent lighting in the yard. Many of us would like to create certain things in the landscape but are not quite sure what is involved or how to begin. This show offers you many local vendors to provide you with the goods and services necessary to complete the projects you have in mind.

The show will also allow you to network with many different people who are experts in various fields of knowledge. Gain the information necessary to keep your costs down while fulfilling the maximum benefits possible in the landscapes you want to create. Everyone wants his or her own personal sanctuary in which to retreat after a busy day at work where he or she can relax. Whether that spot is an immaculate garden spot of just a serene patch of green lawn beneath the canopy of trees, the available resources will provide you with new and exciting ideas.

As we all realize, we do not what to work in the yard after a busy day on the job, but rather to enjoy our outdoor home life in the most relaxing way possible. For some of us, that includes picking flowers in the beds, pulling weeds, and harvesting vegetables from the garden. For others, it is having a barbecue on the deck, socializing with friends, and sitting back in a chair to enjoy a "cool one" while the world around us continues in a chaotic flurry of stress and nonsense.

Our home life is what makes everything in life worth the effort. It is spent with our family and friends and acts as our spot for rejuvenation. Make this growing season the best possible while experiencing all the joys that come from it. Hopefully, after the past year that we have all experienced, we are raring to go with new and exciting projects for the new season.

Enjoy the onset of spring and be a part of this wonderful opportunity to start off the gardening season right. Once summer arrives, you will be so happy you got all of those projects for the year done during the spring months.