Summertime is roofing time in Jamestown, according to Clyde Schmautz, manager of Infinity Building Services.

Schmautz estimates roofing contractors are already scheduled for the next six weeks or so. That lag time between getting a project scheduled and completed will likely increase as the summer moves along.

"People start walking around and looking up at their roofs as the summer goes on," he said. "Roofers get busier as we get into July and August."

Scheduling a roofer isn't the only consideration for homeowners. They also need to decide on what type of roofing material they want on their home.

"There are the good, old-fashioned shingles, corrugated steel, metal shingles with granules," Schmautz said. "They all look a little different."

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The standard architectural grade shingle now has a Class 3 or Class 4 impact rating that can get the homeowner a discount on property insurance. This type of shingle has an estimated life of 30 years, although hail storms can shorten that period. Shingles can also be damaged by wind, tree branches that fall across the roof and simply aging over the years.

The impact rating estimates how well the shingle stands up when struck by objects such as hail. Schmautz estimated the cost for architectural grade shingles and installation at about $350 per square. A square is an area of 100 square feet of the roof.

On the other end of the spectrum are metal shingles with granulated surfaces, Schmautz said.

"Metal shingles with granules are warranted for up to 50 years," he said, "but hail does funny things."

The metal shingles can cost as much as $800 per square for materials and installation, Schmautz said.

In between in price is the corrugated steel roofing that is available in a variety of colors.

Homeowners have to make decisions regarding the type and color of the shingle. Factors usually include the cost and longevity of the shingles and a color that fits with the house's exterior color.

"The slope on the roof doesn't make much difference on the shingle selection," Schmautz said.

And the earlier the homeowner schedules the roofing contractor the better, he said.

"Typically, they are already booked up later in the summer," Schmautz said.

Homeowners will be able to review their roofing options at the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce Home and Garden Show at the Jamestown Civic Center on April 10 and 11.