No matter the project there is a good chance Dakota Rental Center has the tools for the job.

"Power rakes and aerators are popular (in the spring)," said Dennis Sand, Dakota Rental Center manager. "Everyone is getting their yard in shape for the new year. Everybody's got some time off and they want to do stuff around their house now."

Aerators perforate the lawn in an effort to allow water, air and other nutrients to permeate the soil. The breaking up of soil compaction helps the grass's roots grow stronger and deeper leading to a thicker and lusher yard. Sand said Dakota Rental Center's line of power lawn mowers and aerators are particularly popular in the spring and fall when preparing for the summer or winter seasons.

Dakota Rental Center of Jamestown offers home improvement products for rent or purchase. The business rents out anything from air compressors to scaffolding materials and earth moving equipment. The wide range of products available helps residents keep their homes and yards up and running - even in the midst of a pandemic.

While the coronavirus cases are increasing across the state, Stutsman County has only seen three cases of COVID-19 as of April 21. Sand said with the low number of cases, increasing temperatures and foot traffic there hasn't been a decrease in any sales, rentals or overall visits to the store at this time.

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"I am fortunate enough where I don't have to be closed," Sand said. "(Customers) are getting their yard work done, they're laying carpet or hardwood floors or they're refinishing floors."

Outside of the house, Sand said many people are working to maintain the yard. Power rakes and over seeders are popular rentals during the springtime season. The motorized rakes work to loosen dead grass that has been compacted during the winter. Over seeders help spread seeds to fertilize nutrient-deficient areas of a yard.

Dakota Rental Center has the tools available to help those in the Buffalo City with their home improvement and maintenance projects. A full list of available rentable products out can be found on Dakota Rental Center's website.

But the buck does not stop with rentals.

"The rental equipment I rent isn't for sale," Sand said. "I have a totally different product line that I sell. I am a full-service dealer of Stihl outdoor power equipment, Husqvarna wield goods and Hustler zero-turn mowers."

Sand explained what types of gardening and lawn care equipment was available in the Center's stockroom. Sand said the business's current special is on the zero-turn mowers manufactured by Husqvarna and Hustler.

"As a full-service Stihl dealer, I sell string trimmers, backpack blowers, chainsaws, pull saws, hedge trimmers and a lot of battery-powered stuff," Sand said. "Husqvarna (has) garden tractors and zero-turn mowers (and) same thing with Hustler. I am a full-service dealer. My equipment works. I service what I sell so we take care of the customer after the sale."