Moisture, improper drywall installation could lead to paint issues

Contractors check what they will paint to see if there are any issues before doing the work.

Installing drywall without overlapping joints as seen in this photo will cause the paint or joint compound to crack and the tape to get loose as the house shifts over the years.
Contributed / Ramone Gumke

Taking care of moisture issues and not correctly installing drywall without overlapping joints are a couple of problems that need to be addressed before painting, according to Ramone Gumke, co-owner of Decorating by Charlie.

Gumke said it is good for a contractor to check what will be painted to see if there are any issues and to get accurate measurements.

“Maybe in a corner or something like that, we run into it where they want to repaint it because (the) paint doesn’t look good anymore but really it’s a mildew or mold issue because they have water leaking in from somewhere,” he said.

A do-it-yourself installation of drywall without overlapping joints will cause the paint or joint compound to crack as the house shifts over the years, he said. For example, he said homeowners do not want the seam to run the full length of the ceiling where the sheets meet each other.

“Say it is all 8-by-4 sheets where one meets the other one and if you ... started in one corner and just hung up the whole 8-by-4 sheet and did that all the way up, all of the end joints would be in a straight line all the way up the wall and that will just completely crack out and the tape will let loose probably in a year or two,” Gumke said.


He said when the seam is run down one line, flexible caulking has to be used to create an expansion joint so the home can shift and move without any cracking to the paint happening.

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to call a contractor about six months in advance to get any projects completed, Gumke said.

When someone contacts Decorating by Charlie to do any service it offers – interior and exterior painting, wood finishing, taping and texture, wallpaper and epoxy floors – the general manager will speak with the customer and line up a time to look at the project and go over the details to generate a quote for the work.

The business has color-chip books and someone will help pick out colors and steer people in the right direction.

“Get it to where it looks the way they want it,” he said.

Latex is the most common paint for interior or exterior because of its cost and ease of application and cleanup, Gumke said. He said Decorating by Charlie has paint from PPG but will order Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paint if that is what a customer prefers.

If homeowners are purchasing paint for projects, they will want a little extra on hand for future touch ups.

“With that being said, paint tinting has gotten really good with the equipment and technology that is out there,” he said. “Say you are buying paint from (a retail store) and you run out and you grab one more gallon, usually there isn’t an issue to get it to match.”


When Decorating by Charlie does a painting project, the business will mix extra and leave it with the customer, Gumke said.

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