We can do many projects this spring

A new deck was built in 2019 at John Zvirovski's home because the old one had rotted and made it unsafe. Now is a perfect time to complete outdoor projects at your home. John Zvirovski / The Sun

This week we returned to more normal weather where we could get back outside and enjoy some fresh air. I know with many people we are all feeling tired of being cooped up inside, but it is good to start doing the projects at home and in your yard that you keep putting off. There is nothing better than communing with nature again while still being productive.

As with many people, there is always something outside that needs some attention through some annual maintenance or replacement. Maybe the gutters need cleaning to be ready for the spring rains or maybe the garage needs a good sweeping and some organization. These are a few of the things that will keep you busy and productive and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Last year my project was to rebuild the deck as a few decades of wear and tear was causing it to break down and rot. With projects of that magnitude, you want to plan out well and make sure it is in your budget. I’m sure there are plenty of people who need a rebuild of their decks, so right now is a good time to get those things done before the gardening season begins and you find yourself out there digging in the dirt again.

Maybe your deck doesn’t need a rebuild but more general maintenance instead such as a replaced railing or steps. It might just need to be stripped and repainted or have a fresh coat of stain on it. Both of these things can make a weathered deck look as good as new again and have it all ready for the season ahead. Not all projects are hard on the wallet, so keep things within reason.

This year after the winter season had passed, I notice the arbor that has been up for over a decade started to rot out at the base. This year I decided that was the perfect project to get taken care of in the month of April. So this past week I got the old one taken down and a new one constructed. I found the preparation time took a lot longer to do than the construction time. There was a decade-old wisteria vine covering the old arbor that had to be trimmed back along with some old climbing roses. Once that project was done, the rest became a little easier. I can already tell due to the age of the vines that once they begin growing they will cover the new arbor in no time at all.


Maybe building a new fence or repairing an old one is in your schedule. These are also good things to get done at this time. Remember, even with social distancing, the world is an amazing place in how we get things done. Supplies can now be ordered online and delivered to our homes without ever having to go out. Lumberyards work the same way in our area. Place your order, pay online, schedule a delivery date and the rest is up to you on the schedule you want to create to get the job done. Even though I am a "hands-on" type of person when it comes to making purchases, it is nice to know we have options in the event we are unable to keep our old practices to some extent. We just have to remain innovative and flexible.

Getting our patio furniture ready for the season can also be done at this time. Bring it out of storage and clean it off. If something needs some repair work, we have the time to get that done also. We don’t want to be bothered with these kinds of things once summer arrives. That is the season to sit back and enjoy everything around us as it goes by way too quickly!

We must keep in mind there are smaller projects we can do around the yard too that allows us to get the fresh air and space we need. Dividing perennials is a great project for this time of year as things are just coming up and can be easily moved without a great deal of vegetation getting in the way. I have already moved a few items and divided a large ornamental grass clump. Taking that root ball out of the ground was not an easy task, but I did manage to get seven nice clumps out of it to move around and fill in spots.

This is also a good time to reseed some lawn areas that didn’t make it through the winter season well or just areas that are a bit thin. The spring rains will arrive soon and it is good to have the seed in the ground so it can germinate when the time is right. One good spring rain and everything in our area will green up quickly. Surprisingly it has been dry this spring, but that is not a bad thing after our very wet year in 2019.

As for now, take an inventory of the things that need to be done and make every effort to get those things accomplished over the next few weeks. Once the middle of May arrives you will be glad these things are done.

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