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Gucek, Dietz

Tim and Deanne Gucek

A wedding reception for Tim and Deanne Gucek was held July 4 at the Hampton Inn & Suites. The couple were married in May at the Santa Monica pier in California. They now live in Lancaster, Calif.

The bride’s parents are Douglas and Michele Dietz, Lewis Center, Ohio. The bride’s grandmother is Jennifer Morris, Jamestown, and the late Pat Morris. The bride is a registered nurse in Lancaster, Calif.

The groom’s mother is Louise Fuller, Jedburgm, United Kingdom. The groom is a member of the Royal Navy Air Force.

Other guests included Joan Morris, Doug and Margaret Beckman and Connie and Gary Beckman, all Jamestown; Mary Mitchell, O’Falon, Mo.; Matt and Mylene Morris, Los Angeles, Calif., and Mike Morris, Stanton, N.D.

Cousins of the bride who attended the reception are Hunter Beckman and Alicia Beckman, both Jamestown; Jenna Mitchell, O’Falon, Mo., and Joshua Morris, Los Angeles, Calif.